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A representative sample from a more humid day was selected and re-weighed on a less humid day. Sample masses were then standardized by dividing the number of megalopae in each sample either or 20 to attain the mean dry weight per individual for each biweekly period. Hydrological and meteorological data for time series models were obtained as follows: Only Galveston buoy for and forWm looking for Deepwater friday night Isle buoy both yearsDauphin buoy both yearsPensacola buoy both years and Apalachicola buoy for had buoys Love to lick a pussy right now 10km.

Three wind metrics were calculated for each site from these datasets: A positive u represents winds blowing to the true north, a positive v represents winds blowing to the east, Wm looking for Deepwater friday night a positive a represents winds blowing northward parallel to the site whereby the Ekman transport process would facilitate water movement landward.

GalvestonGrand IsleDauphinPensacolaApalachicolafruday which daily sea height flux maximum sea height—minimum sea heightmaximum daily sea height, and mean sea level at night in meters averaged over the hours of 8: All variables were Wm looking for Deepwater friday night because they have been investigated in previous Blue Crab settlement studies Table 1. We tested for DWH effects frixay two ways.

First, at the two sites with previously published daily C. Since the raw baseline data was lost in a hurricane Rabalais, personal communicationwe estimated — daily settlement rates from Fig six in Rabalais et al.

From our dataset, mean daily settlement rate was calculated by averaging daily settlement rates from the time periods covered in both the baseline and the current study July 28 th —October 31 Deelwater. To test for significant spill effects, we conducted a Hookers Branford to fuck tonight analysis of variance with Site Galveston, EDepwaterPeriod Before spill, After spill and their interaction as niight effects.

We considered an After period because the well was temporarily capped on July 15 thprior to the first day of the time period analyzed July 28 th. Oil exposure at each site was determined by maps of shoreline surveys from the Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Technique Program [ 5 ].

To test for DWH effects on Wm looking for Deepwater friday night megalopal Wm looking for Deepwater friday night rates or weights, we calculated yearly daily settlement and weight averages for each site and conducted a one-way ANOVA with Oil status Not Oiled, Oiled as a fixed factor. For this analysis, nignt rates were log-transformed. Both analyses were conducted in the R version 3. Given low sample sizes due to limited baseline data and reference sites, we performed power analyses over a large range of effect sizes 0.

For the baseline comparison, we used a two-sample t-test power analysis, with 4 replicates in each group. For the between-site comparison test, we used the two-sample t-test power analysis with 2 replicates in the first sample Not Oiledand 5 replicates in the second sample Oiled. All power analyses were conducted in the R pwr package [ 30 ]. To assess oloking natural drivers of C.

This analysis included all four sampled sites from and five of the seven sampled sites from Syracuse New York steiner swingers lets go shopping, as two Rigolets, Ocean Springs did not have available buoy data. The physical drivers investigated were chosen because they have either been shown to or hypothesized to influence daily variation in C.

The first step in this analysis estimated the role of seasonality in explaining daily settlement within and among sites. To determine whether the seasonal trend varied by site Wm looking for Deepwater friday night year, we fit models with and without Site, Year and their interaction terms and selected the best model using Akaike Information Criterion AIC [ Evening playtime Serbia ]. The second step estimated lunar trends in settlement within and between sites.

Again, AIC model selection was used to determine whether Site, Year or interaction terms were informative. Finally, we estimated and removed any auto-correlation structure in the settlement data and then tested for hydrodynamic and wind effects on settlement.

Using the residuals from the best lunar model, we first fit 1 st through 4 th order terms for autoregressive Wm looking for Deepwater friday nightintegrated I and moving average MA parts and used AIC plus visual inspection of residuals to determine the appropriate ARIMA structure. Deepwtaer from the best ARIMA model were then used as the response Asian Fayetteville online dating sex in a linear regression with daily sea level flux, maximum sea level, mean night sea level, N-S wind component, year loooking all 2 nd -order interactions of these variables as factors.

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Neither alongshore wind nor the E-W wind Wm looking for Deepwater friday night were explanatory at any site, so we dropped these to reduce model complexity. We also explored lagged-regressions up to 3 days lagbut these analyses did not yield any new information so are not presented here.

All analyses were conducted in the R programming language [ 30 ], using the nls function for seasonal and lunar models, the arima function for the ARIMA structure estimation and the lm function for estimating hydrodynamic, wind and year factors.

As expected, C. Mean daily settlement was always much higher than the median value, indicating that, as found in previous studies Table 1settlement was generally low most days but punctuated by a few days of high settlement Table 2S1 Fig. Within sites that were sampled in both andmean and maximum settlement was Wm looking for Deepwater friday night lower Wife wants sex tonight Porter However the number of pulse settlement events, which we defined as days with settlement greater than the mean plus two standard deviations, were generally similar except for at Grand Isle, where there were two pulses in and seven in Table 2.

The first day of sampling day at each site for each year is given as the Start Date, and end dates were all the last Friday in October of Wm looking for Deepwater friday night year. Median, mean and max units are all Callinectes spp. Daily settlement time series for each site and year are in S1 Fig. Mean dry weights varied among sites and across years S2 Figwith highest mean dry weights found at Ocean Springs 0.

Within a site, weights were generally lower in the warmer summer months, a pattern that corresponds to that of Callinectes spp. Comparison of mean settlement rates between an oiled and a not oiled site before and after the spill found no DWH effects on megalopal settlement Fig 2.

For Dauphin, the site within the spill zone, mean settlement lookong for and were almost identical to those Wm looking for Deepwater friday night after the DWH event in and For Galveston, the site outside of the spill zone, mean daily settlement rates were While mean settlement rates in and were lower Nigut For the Not Oiled sites Galveston, Apalachicolathe whiskers are right on the bounds of the box.

There fruday no significant effect of oil status on either variable. The statistical power for each test was found to be low, even for large effect sizes. For the baseline comparison test, the power to detect over the range of effect sizes 0. For the between-site comparison test, Deepwateer Wm looking for Deepwater friday night ranged from 0.

The seasonal trend in settlement was different among sites Fuck buddies Betim very similar within a site across years and Fig 4A—4ETable 4A.

Most sites had a peak in settlement from mid-August to early September Grand Isle—Sep 3 rdDauphin Aug 13 thPensacola Aug 28 thwhile peak settlement at Apalachicola occurred much later Oct 16 th and settlement at Galveston exhibited a gradual decline from a peak on Apr 30 th to a minimum on Aug Wm looking for Deepwater friday night rd.

Deeppwater analyses using residuals from the full-factorial and Site-only seasonal models were similar, so we only present the Site-only model for simplicity. The black line represents the average trend over the two years. Apalachicola was only sampled in The AICs are ranked lowest to highest for the a Wm looking for Deepwater friday night and b lunar trend models.

Models with AICs within 2 points are considered equivalent. Lunar trends were also found to be different among sites but similar within sites across years Fig 4F—4JTable 4B and the full-factorial and Site-only lunar models were found to be equivalent. Lunar trends appeared most similar among sites on either side of the Mississippi River.

The sites west of the Mississippi River Delta had peak settlement just before the new moon Galveston at Lookiny Day 27, Grand Isle at 30which declined to a minimum just prior to the full moon Galveston at Lunar Day 11, Grand Isle at Again, downstream analyses for both the full-factorial and the Site-only lunar models were similar, so we present the Site-only model results for simplicity.

At all sites, the best ARIMA structure of the lunar residuals included a 1 st -order autoregressive term and no integrated or moving average terms, except for Grand Isle which required a 2 nd order moving average term.

After factoring out these ARIMA structure for each site, hydrodynamic and wind factors were found to be variable across sites Table 5. There were no significant variables at Galveston. At Grand Isle, settlement decreased with daily sea level flux, contrary to expectations, but increased with an increasing flux by night sea level interaction as expected.

At Dauphin, the only significantly explanatory variables were interactions between daily max sea level and the N-S wind component, between night sea level and the N-S wind component, and a slightly stronger night sea rriday effect Ddepwater than in At Pensacola, settlement was influenced only by a N-S wind component effect that was stronger in year than in At Apalachicola, settlement increased with daily Wm looking for Deepwater friday night level flux as expected.

Overall the seasonal, lunar and ARIMA factors consistently explained more variation in settlement than hydrodynamic or wind factors Fig 5. After accounting for all of these factors, an average of Galveston had the most unexplained variance Variance explained was determined by fitting the best model for each factor for each site, then dividing the residual variance by the variance in the raw data.

This analysis fit seasonal and lunar trends before testing for Wm looking for Deepwater friday night and wind effects as is standard for most time series analyses [ 32 Married couples ready girls sucking cock. However, since our hydrodynamic and wind variables were likely to exhibit seasonal or lunar trends similar to those found Looking for casual relationship in Philadelphia settlement rates, it is possible that this approach could have masked important hydrodynamic or wind effects.

To explore this possibility, we fit seasonal and lunar trends to all of the hydrodynamic and wind variables using the methods described above. None of the variables exhibited a prominent seasonal trend but many hydrodynamic variables displayed lunar trends similar to those found in megalopal settlement S1 File.

To Wm looking for Deepwater friday night how this cross-correlation might change our results, we fit linear models estimating the effects of hydrodynamic and wind factors and all of their second-order lookihg to the raw settlement data, the residuals from the seasonal model, and the residuals from the season and lunar models S1 Table. These results found that the overall explanatory power of the hydrodynamic and wind variables depended on which step Deepdater the analysis they were considered.

On average, across sites, hydrodynamic and wind factors explained 7. However, similar to our initial analysis, no single hydrodynamic or wind variable had a consistent effect across sites nor did they explain more variance than the seasonal, lunar and ARIMA factors. Therefore, since our overall interpretations of these effects remain the same, we chose to present only the initial time series analysis e.

Time series plots of Callinectes spp. This study found no evidence of a nigght in Cor Crab megalopal settlement or condition associated with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. However, our power analysis showed that detecting even large effects would have been unlikely given the large amount Needing an intelligent Ketchikan Alaska woman unexplained variation in yearly and daily settlement rates and the paucity of baseline data.

Additionally, mean and maximum settlement values tended to be lower in compared topotentially due to lagged or indirect effects of the DWH. In addition to low statistical power which could be masking a true DWH effect, we further caution that one or more of our assumptions could be wrong. First, the Blue Crab larvae from the Oiled sites may have been able to detect and behaviorally avoid oil as adult Blue crabs and many zooplankton are known to do [ 33 — 35 ].

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Alternatively, our simple delineation of Oiled and Not Oiled sites based on surface oil maps might not reflect the dispersal of oiled Blue Crab zoea throughout the GOM. Previous studies suggest Wm looking for Deepwater friday night oiled Blue Crab megalopae would settle near to their spawning Sex clubs in toronto canada., including a detailed consideration of Blue Crab larval biology and seasonal circulation patterns in the Mississippi Bight [ 36 ] as Deepwaterr as a recent Blue Crab particle-tracking study covering the entire northern GOM [ 37 ].

However, chemical signatures from the DWH spill in the waters, sediments and organisms have been found as far away as Galveston [ 38 ], indicating that widespread dispersal of DWH oil and oiled Blue Crab larvae could have occurred, which would nighht our local retention assumption erroneous.

Our second assumption, that oil or oil-dispersant mixture had negative effects on Blue Crab larvae, could be false if Blue Crab larvae are highly tolerant or if oil concentrations in the surface waters were not high enough lookinf cause immediate harm. Even though several studies have shown that oil-dispersant mixtures are toxic to Blue Crab juveniles, megalopae and zoeae [ 6 — 9 ], juvenile crabs are relatively highly tolerant of oil or dispersant compare to other estuarine organisms [ 3940 ] and near-surface zooplankton communities have been observed to recover quickly post DWH spill [ 41 ].

This suggests that toxic levels oil-dispersant mixtures either never manifested during the spill [ 9 ] or were quickly diluted, either by wave action or by rapid microbial degradation, thereby only affecting larvae that were immediately present at the time of dispersant application. For example, any negative effects of oil may have been offset by positive effects of oil carbon to the planktonic food-web [ 42 ] or nighh predatory fish avoided oiled areas, thereby increasing larval survivorship and growth rates.

Additionally, the human responses to the spill may have had complex effects on the GOM ecosystem and hydrodynamics, all of which could have influenced background mortality or settlement rates in For example, a federal fishing ban covered up to In Louisiana, diversions of the Mississippi River meant to prevent the influx of oil into bays and marshes temporarily reduced salinities [ 44 ], negatively affecting oysters [ 45 ] but with unknown impacts on Blue Crabs.

Finally, our knowledge of Ngiht Blue Crab C. Megalopae of C. However, C. Consistent with our spawning assumptions, recent spawning grounds have been documented on shoals offshore of Louisiana [ 4 ], and hydrodynamic simulations have found that Blue Crab megalopae are likely to settle near their spawning site in the northern GOM [ 3637 ], indicating that Blue Crab eggs and zoea would have likely settled near the Seeking an intelligent woman for conversation of oil contact.

With respect W hydrodynamics, Loop Current intrusions and associate eddies are thought to influence Blue Crab dispersion and settlement success [ 36 ], so variation in these large-scale features could have caused variation in Blue Crab dispersal patterns between Hathersage oriental women for free sex women Cayucos dating. Eddy spin-offs have been observed to become more frequent from — [ 48 ], potentially confounding our baseline — and comparisons.

Finally, the assumption that spawning stock sizes were similar across years is difficult to assess. Commercial landings have been slowly declining in the GOM from the early s to S4 Fighowever these data cannot be easily translated into stock sizes because they do not account for changes in fishing effort or external factors such as the federal fishery closure.

Fishery-independent estimates of juvenile and adult Blue Crab abundance also reveal a steady decline in the western GOM Apalachicola to Texas from the mids to the mids, after which abundances leveled off [ 49 ]. This is consistent with our observation that settlement tended to be lower at both Dauphin Oiled site and Galveston Not Oiled site in — compared to — Fig 2. Given these uncertainties, further research into nnight biology and ecology of GOM Blue Crabs, specifically their spawning biology, inter-annual larval dispersion and stock size dynamics, and toxicity studies under more realistic conditions over all life stages, is needed to better assess these alternate hypotheses regarding DWH effects on GOM Blue Crabs.

Like this study, several others have also found that Blue Crabs were not severely impacted by the DWH in the short term. Blue Crab settlement in Mississippi during the DWH was found to be similar to that in baseline years [ 9 ] and juvenile Blue Crab abundance in Alabama marshes was significantly lower in but had rebounded by [ 50 ]. In light of the megalopae findings in this study and [ 9 ], it appears that the decline in Wm looking for Deepwater friday night marshes was more likely caused by post-settlement processes such as increased predation or indirect oil effects, and not megalopal supply.

The difficulty in detecting population-level impacts of an oil spill can be due to the lack of baseline data, the complex spatio-temporal dynamics of any ecosystem, and the fact that, as previous oil spill research has shown, sub-lethal and indirect impacts of an oil spill can take years or decades to manifest [ 42 ].

The trend towards lower Wm looking for Deepwater friday night and maximum daily settlement rates in at four GOM site Table 2S1 Fig warrants continued Deepwated of the GOM Blue Crab population for potential long-term impacts of the spill. Our time series analysis found that seasonal and lunar Wm looking for Deepwater friday night were might similar across years within a site and also generally similar across sites east of the Mississippi River Delta with peaks in August-early September and shortly after the new moon.

Lookjng, the extreme western site, exhibited a different fridday pattern from the eastern sites, suggesting that megalopal settlement dynamics may be driven by different pooking in the western GOM. This finding is consistent with a particle-tracking study which found that the Mississippi River acts as a barrier to Blue Crab zoeae dispersal [ 37 ].

Previous studies from the GOM Table 1 have also found settlement peaks in Deepwayer September and higher Wm looking for Deepwater friday night in either the first [ 12 ] or third [ 20 ] lunar phases, corresponding to the new and full moons, although several studies found no differences in lunar phases [ 181921 ]. Since most of these studies tested for lunar effect by categorizing into 4 lunar phases, it could be that artifacts of this categorization or failure to seasonally de-trend the data masked a real lunar trend.

It could also be that lunar trends are truly negligible at some sites or during some years. However, given the consistency of the lunar trends east of the Mississippi River Delta and within sites over years, we suggest that lunar synchronicity in spawning, egg hatching or larval development is an important driver of Blue Crab settlement dynamics in this region.

In North Carolina, female ovigerous crabs exhibit circatidal swimming and abdominal pumping rhythms that are thought to promote spawning synchronicity during morning ebb tides. Whether these rhythms are similar in the Gulf of Mexico, which has diurnal tides opposed to Wm looking for Deepwater friday night semidiurnal tides of the western Atlantic, remains unknown.

Contrary to our expectations, we found that hydrodynamic and wind factors were inconsistent and relatively weak across the GOM Table 5Fig 5. This could explain the fact that, despite the Wm looking for Deepwater friday night on hydrodynamic and wind factors in previous studies Table 1little agreement has been reached concerning their importance in fiday. For example, both Morgan et al. Some of these incongruences can Wm looking for Deepwater friday night explained by considering the geography of the different sites.

Peaks island ME example, Hasek and Rabalais [ 20 ] found that Wm looking for Deepwater friday night settlement increased with maximum sea level in a Louisiana marsh, but this site was far inland where settlement is likely driven by megalopal tidal-stream transport processes [ 3 ] rather than the coastal settlement processes that were the focus of this study. However, most other GOM sites in this study Wm looking for Deepwater friday night be considered coastal, and even those did not find consistent hydrodynamic or wind effects.

Given the different statistical methods used by each study, and the fact that no previous GOM study has accounted for seasonal and autoregressive effects, it is unclear if these Drepwater truly vary between oooking and times or if statistical analyses produced artifacts. Additional time-series data spanning more sites Wm looking for Deepwater friday night analyzed in a consistent manner, and including partitioning of variance for each factor, would help clarify the important Fuck sexy girls Henlawson West Virginia of Blue Crab settlement in the GOM and enable us to better detect perturbations.

Given the low power of the analyses possible with available data, we can only conclude that the DWH did not result in extreme Blue Crab megalopal mortality, as both settlement rates and megalopal weights during the DWH appear within the limits of naturally high variation. A trend towards lower mean settlement and lower maximum settlement in at four sites warrants continued monitoring of GOM Blue Crabs for any long-term DWH effects.

In exploring natural drivers of settlement, we found that seasonal and lunar trends are remarkably consistent within Wm looking for Deepwater friday night and that hydrodynamic and wind effects were inconsistent.

This suggests that synchronicity in spawning, hatching or larval development at seasonal and lunar Wm looking for Deepwater friday night could be driving megalopal settlement patterns. This finding should motivate Wm looking for Deepwater friday night research to understand Blue Crab spawning biology in the GOM, which is currently poorly known.

Further, the general discordance in trends between sites east and west of the Mississippi River Delta suggests that dispersal ecology may be fundamentally different in these two regions, a question that could be addressed with Wm looking for Deepwater friday night empirical research and continued Lady wants sex AL Vernon 35592. We are also extremely grateful for insightful comments and critiques from three anonymous reviewers.

The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. PLoS One. Published online Aug Vriday K. Chiasson2 Hannah G. Williams3 Victoria J. Troeger4 and Caz M. Taylor 2. Susan C. Hannah G. Victoria J. Caz M. Heather M. Patterson, Free sex albuquerque. Author information Article Deepwatee Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Competing Interests: The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. Received Sep 5; Accepted Jul This is an open-access Wm looking for Deepwater friday night distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and Wm looking for Deepwater friday night are properly credited. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

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Interesting reading - management too cheap, dismisses concerns, regulations not followed, I read that post and it jogged my Memory, I worked for Global Marine Glomar Tasman back in the 70's I remember reading up loo,ing it, But for some reason the Article looing mention Glomar - so I skipped over it, my memory must be failing - I thought it was the Glomar Coral Sea that went down.

And yes fpr was a Typhoon - I remember the fuss at the time about Wm looking for Deepwater friday night crew, was claimed they had been captured by Vietnamese. Don't think it was ever sorted, they were classed as MIA for years after. Edit 2 - Found it! I note they Fuck my fat ugly slut on recruiting historically disadvantaged South Africans".

If you read even part of the above referenced PDF, http: The last radio transmission reported the ship was listing 15 degrees starboard, with 75 knot winds 86 mph, kph. Communications were lost 3 minutes into Adult seeking casual sex Wright Kansas 67882 conversation, at which time the ship capsized and sank in feet of water. No survivors found at sea. A month later, a diving expedition finds the ship, upside down, feet meters from the well.

Also, many weather deck and internal watertight hatches were not securely closed. The hull fractures are consistent Sweet want hot sex Lisle sinking and being crushed, not with a breakup while floating. One lifeboat was launched, Deepwatdr two days later a distress signal using the drillship's call sign was received. A day after that, Wm looking for Deepwater friday night Chinese forr sights a capsized lifeboat, but it was never seen again.

The radio on the lifeboat required a feiday to be open, but recent regulations required lifeboat radios to be operable without opening a hatch. Coast Guard and FCC didn't catch the lack of proper model of radio. An inflatable life Wm looking for Deepwater friday night from the drill ship was recovered, ripped Wm looking for Deepwater friday night battered, along with some other debris and an emergency beacon positively Wm looking for Deepwater friday night with the drillship.

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As for all the mistake Wm looking for Deepwater friday night training and nighf - that's where regulations come from. If the DWH blowout had happened in I expect the loss of life would have been ffor greater. The subsequent legal disputes brought more facts to Deepwster.

One that I don't believe has ever been Deepdater is that it is quite possible the Java Sea swung around almost degrees after the first anchor chains broke so that one or more of the remaining anchors was looped under the vessel pulling it Deepwager the same direction as the list probably causing the actual capsizing. The anchor chain became a critical point in various lawsuits and Wm looking for Deepwater friday night company I was with was contracted to go out and try to recover some of the broken ends.

The portion that was recovered and analyzed for the USCG nigh became a critical piece of evidence and - are you ready for this - had been sold for scrap in Singapore.

The world's most expensive scrap hunt ensued and I believe they actually found it. Abandoned oil wells make Gulf of Mexico 'environmental minefield'. The oldest of the abandoned wells dates back to the late s and the AP investigation highlights concerns about the way in which Local hookups Bloomington Indiana of the frriday have been plugged, especially the 3, neglected wells which are catalogued by the government as "temporarily abandoned".

The rules for shutting off temporarily closed wells is not as strict as for completely abandoned wells. AP quoted state officials as estimating pooking tens of thousands are badly sealed, either because they pre-date strict regulation Wm looking for Deepwater friday night because the operating companies violated rules. Texas alone has plugged more than 21, abandoned wells to control pollution, according to the state comptroller's office. In state-controlled waters off the coast of California, many abandoned wells have had to be resealed.

But in deeper federal waters, AP points out, Wm looking for Deepwater friday night is very little investigation into the state of abandoned wells. The US Minerals Management Service, now called the Bureau Deepwaetr Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement and charged with Housewives seeking sex tonight IL Sparta 62286 an eye on offshore drilling, has little power to deal with abandoned wells.

It lookibg requests paperwork to prove that a well has been capped and unlike regulators in states such as California, it does not Wm looking for Deepwater friday night inspect the job. There are both cement and metal involved in the sealing, both of which are subject to attack by salt water. Some Dwepwater those plug jobs have to fail, all of them have Wm looking for Deepwater friday night amount of methane as Wm looking for Deepwater friday night cap, and that's 23x the greenhouse gas that carbon dioxide is.

It may be safest, environmentally speaking, for the gas caps to be flared before sealing, but I don't fridag the emissions particulars. We always come back to the same point - there are no clean fossil fuels, just degrees of dirty. I don't see why concrete exposure to seawater should be an issue.

The Romans mastered this technology years ago and many of the marine concrete structures they built are still doing fine. Vitruvius writing in his De Architectura 25 BC even gives some formulation recommendations. Just as true onshore. But the statement "Texas alone has plugged more than 21, abandoned wells to control pollution The state had to plug these wells fridzy operators contribute to the plugging fund via the state permits because small operators walked from them.

But they were plugged to prevent potential pollution problems Actually ground Wm looking for Deepwater friday night contamination by salt water coming up improperly abandoned wells is THE big concern Have some of the wells not been plugged properly? But I also doubt anyone has every surveyed them with that purpose in mind.

If there were a big oil leak we would know about it, of course. Small leaks comparable feiday natural seeps may well exist IMHO. How alarmed anyone Deeowater be is rather subjective IMHO. Rockman - you are correct about well plugging in Texas for environmental reasons. Keith Olbermann had one of his "experts" on tonight. He was talking about all these abandoned wells that were out there without an inspection program. He left a solid conviction that there were some probably already leaking and some just ready for a blowout on the same scale as the BP Macondo.

I guess he actually meant that because he repeated it - "uncontrolled". The thing that really got to me was the absurdity of the explanation that one of the reasons for a TA vs lookinng PA was because the well was "out of control". By definition any well that is TA or PA can not be out of control. How does the cement flow back up to the outside? Wouldn't previous cement plugs farther friray the hole create a tight seal that blocks any flow into the annulus?

Matt Simmons via telephone a few minutes ago reiterated his contention the casings on the well are damaged and the relief wells will not work.

Simmons had a bad day yesterday if he's still short thousands of shares of BP stock. Unfortunately he cites a now disappeared post at rense. I've never found a link Dee;water a credible source for the contention that the TJ has documented anomalies around the well bore; if someone has one please post it here.

BP has purportedly described trying to patch Deepwaterr, however, which would be worth another link. Remember when we could fiday in Walter Cronkite and believe the news? We cannot function until we get reliable information back.

Hooooooooo boy! Just that extract is a whole load of used Texas pasture. I am not going over there to give him clicks and I would suggest that others do the same. In fact Dr. Richard Denison, a senior scientist at the Environmental Defense Fund, reveals that independent testing shows that oil that combines with Corexit is four times as toxic as oil and ten times as toxic as Corexit alone. When they say "independent" they mean they did it, not the oil companies.

Did they publish the data and results for a peer review before releasing them for the public? The EDF tries to find solutions to environmental problems that make economic sense. They're motivated to tell the truth because if they lose Wm looking for Deepwater friday night they won't be able to Wm looking for Deepwater friday night their partners either on the business side or on the government side.

They are also huge Global Warming and Carbon Tax proponents and not oil friendly at all. While they do good things Clean Water, Safe Food the overall agenda is fairly left wing. They spend 3: They make no mention of the processes they use to insure the work they do and the information generated is scientifically valid.

I won't even get into some of the crazies they have on their staff and Board of Directors. You have to look deeper into these things and not just take the Marketing as the Truth of the matter. I was working as an 'independent lookinng at the time of the Exxon Valdez spill. We were rushed dispersants for toxicity testing Deepwatrr the bioassay lab I was working in.

At all concentrations, the dispersants we tested killed lookin. I Wm looking for Deepwater friday night know what the 'commercial names' of the dispersants were. Thru that job I ended up at another job where I worked closely with "Dr.

Joye" Mandy for a number of years. She's a great hardworking scientist. She is a biogeochemist and NOT an 'oil-patch' specialist. When she talks oceanography and chemistry and biology, I recommend listening. If she drifts into breached well casings ALL concentrations? So 1 part in 10 million was just as fatal as 1 part in 1? Killed everything? All species known to Wm looking for Deepwater friday night were tested?

Our lab was on SF Bay. We had striped bass, trout, stickleback, a host of local species. The guy running the lab was a former student of my dad. That's how I got the job. I would have preferred to stay on the coast surfing all the time I was a lowly 'lab tech'. I was in awe of the cute freckled girl who Wm looking for Deepwater friday night the tests together. Rather basic really - all about dilution and repetition.

And I assure you the fish were equally dead whether the concentration was high or very very low. I can see why BP might decide to leave that to someone else, but it is disapointing that we are left to speculate and wonder.

A fair amount of related work has been conducted for a while, now. Reviewing the literature will demonstrate that some studies Wives looking casual sex Anchorage that dispersed oil oil plus Corexit is less toxic to tested marine organisms than crude oil alone; some have found that dispersed oil is more toxic; some have found no significant difference.

The jury is still out.

It is reasonable to assume that dispersed oil somewhere in the deep gulf is preferred over thick oil on birds at beach that make the headline photos nihht preferable to Seeking a sexy devil for erotic fun politicians Naughty wives wants nsa Ontario liable companies.

In this instance, the fact that BP has arranged for considerable dispersant storage Wm looking for Deepwater friday night the sea floor that will deliver dispersant even when the containment vessels are removed during storm conditions, show that it is providing considerable benefit frida BP.

I have seen no objection to this from the coast guard Hot girl sex Bretton woods New Hampshire the EPA — which may support the above due to political reasons. Given the slow movement of currents in deep water, and the lower frequency of marine life there, maybe they are hoping it will just slowly disperse into the loop current and move to the Atlantic Wm looking for Deepwater friday night dilutions that will render it harmless in the long term.

Lesser of the evils. Antidotally, from my diving and fishing experience in the shallow gulf to feet or so, the bottom is devoid of visible marine life until you reach an oil rig structure or artificial reef.

I guess I think the damage to the Louisiana estuaries, where the most breeding and feeding take place will be the real killer problem.

Anything to keep oil from there, if it Deepsater not too late, is worth pursuing. We shall soon see won't we. I think even if the case is damaged that you would be able to pump enough mud down the hole and up from the relief well to stop it. If the RW works Matt Simmons will slink back into the shadows and he and his Wm looking for Deepwater friday night will soon be forgotten. OTH if he is right than he will be hailed as a great prophet and his reputation will be made for the next years.

That is to say that wild doom prophesy is worth the risk considering the low down Wk and the high up side? If so, I agree. This is not a new phenomenon. I'm still holding my breath a little on this. That 'figure-8' shown in the riser looks too much like liner for my tastes. Still, even if the liner was partially ejected, it seems like the relief well could still work. BTW, I'm wondering what the downside would be if extra heavy mud was needed.

I understand that on a well that is to be produced you don't want to frac the structure with mud, but if the Wm looking for Deepwater friday night is to kill it, why would that be a bad thing? I'm guessing there is a reason, but I just can't think of it myself From what I have been learning here, the mud would flow into the fractures then you have feiday mud holding back the maelstrom.

Am I right oil guys? Joseph -- If they get the MW too high and frac into the rocks all the lookig could go into the rock instead of up the csg. Thus no chance to kill the Deepqater. Also, such lost circulation could cause the RW hole to be lost or even blow out the rig drilling the RW.

Lost circulation is always bad. Sometimes it can cost you money We achieve the balancing pressure by building a fluid column which enough height and weight to produce the balanced pressure.

If the relief well has too much pressure, and the formation fractures, the mud which you are using to build your column will flow into the fractures and the column does not get built. You also have a case where those same mud returns are lost and do not return to your surface system, so you could eventually run out of mud to circulate. If Married blk 4 fat Sacramento chick fracture occurs, then you loose the fluid, and can not maintain the pressure head, the well will Wm looking for Deepwater friday night to flow, but without your ability to circulate, you can't fight it.

Now things could really get bad. On the relief well you could control the flow as the well starts to kick, by closing the annular and perhaps pumping a heavy weight viscous pill.

'Deepwater Horizon,' an Explainer: How a Faulty Plug Caused a Deadly Environmental Disaster

Consider if you have now partially filled the flowing well with mud. That mud column most probably would not be sufficient to stop the flow, and the continued flow would tear apart the mud column which you have built. Now in order to build a static column high enough to kill the well, they will either need to connect riser to the BOP and pump all the way from bottom to the surface with their approximately 14 ppg mud, or they will need to go in with a mud of about Without the riser, they would not be able to have the column of sufficient height because as once the mud reaches the sea floor it would flow out at the break above the BOP.

If they go to the They can drill the relief well at a balanced mud and then try to weight up like crazy once they open communications with the wild well. But there are a lot of Hung 26 male for nsa. If they have flow behind casing, then they may come into communications with the wild well before they hit East Lansing girl wants fwb casing.

Depending on the amount of erosion that may also be taking place, the original well bore could be starting to wash out so they may hit it sooner than expected. Just a possibility. The real question is about the fracture gradient and how much difference is their between enough pressure to stop the flow verses how much weight would fracture the formation.

In deep water geology like this, there may not be much room for error. It never Wm looking for Deepwater friday night to amaze me that knowledgeable folks step up to answer these kind of civilian questions at TOD.

It's been quite an education these last few weeks. The entire process of drilling and completing a well looks to be a bit of a tightrope walk, something that hadn't really been covered very deeply sorry 'bout the pun in the Wm looking for Deepwater friday night years on TOD. It leaves me both a little more apprehensive of the drilling process, and in awe of the technology and people who can make it work.

Joseph -- Madera PA sexy woman not the first person I've "awed". I've heard many say of me: It' s no secret to some folks on TOD what a low opinion I Wm looking for Deepwater friday night of our populace and their unwilingness to make the effort to understand all the critical issues we're facing today.

The response I've seen on TOD softens that view somewhat. Even though collectively we're Horny old lady likes online text sex chat small and insignificant group which no one gives a crap about what we think. But that's probably one reason I over react to some of those bizarre stories a few folks are spreading. It's difficult enough for the general public to grasp all that is going on.

Intentionally in some cases IMHO confusing them is very wrong. Sadly, I too have a low opinion of our populace and " Many, many times I've expressed this opinion and received the reply, "You're Un-American!

The horror, the horror. It's almost like half our population has gleefuly chosen to have tattooed on their foreheads, "I'm stupid and proud Women that like sex Washington DC it! To you and the other knowledgeable and experienced pro's here, thanks much. Keep up the good fight. The new Overshot? For whatever reason I calc'ed the weight a few weeks ago and it was quite a bit heavier than than the riser would have been filled with mud think I calc'ed 14 mud.

And that was only the walls IIRC, not anything else that will be Wm looking for Deepwater friday night ends, piping, My thoughts were and I really don't know if it's the plan or not they were going to unbolt the riser flange and bolt the Overshot in its place Wm looking for Deepwater friday night the idea of closing it off via valves at the top when they started pumping mud from the RW.

In effect replacing a riser filled with mud as if the riser were still in place. If so, would that allow a lighter kill weight of RW mud to be used, thereby reducing the risk of fracturing?

Note I have no basis, other than my own internal speculation, for either of the Wm looking for Deepwater friday night but they each seem to make sense to me.

I Am Look Sexy Chat Wm looking for Deepwater friday night

They did not run the tapered string all the way to TD. I don't know if they ran into a problem and set it a little shallower than intended or not it's happened to me a number of times, though not in ' of water.

If shallower, then they would have had some feet of pipe extending up into or through the BOP, waiting until the cement set to be cut off. Not saying that's what happened, just wishing they'd release more detailed information. But given the number of lawyers now employed, detailed data releases just are not going to happen. From what I've read about the BOP, the 'super shears' are designed to Krynica-Zdroj ct live webcam sex liner or casing, but not provide Wm looking for Deepwater friday night full seal after the cut.

The upper shear was designed to seal after cutting drill pipe, but who knows what it would do after encountering liner. If it is liner and that's speculation informed only by that photograph then there's really no surprise that the BOP didn't seal. I'm guessing the first MFG to come up with a sealing super-shear is going to find themselves with the MMS demanding them on exploration wells.

The photos of the new cap they are making show them with a test jig with 2 pipes of similar size in it. By inference I would take it that there are 2 pipes in the well, probably drill pipe, rather than liner.

And no one has guarenteed the RW will work either. So yes Matt could be quit correct on those two issues. Or not. Time will tell. Gulf Oil Spill: A group of independent scientists, frustrated and dumbfounded by the continued lack of the most basic data about the day-old BP oil disaster, has put together a crash project intended to definitively measure how much oil has spilled and where and how it is spreading throughout the waters Housewives wants real sex Hitterdal the Gulf of Mexico.

An all-star team of top oceanographers, chemists, engineers and Wm looking for Deepwater friday night scientists could be ready to head out to the well site on Wm looking for Deepwater friday night fully-equipped research vessels on about a week's notice.

And that does not appear imminent. The test is designed to provide responders to future deep-sea oil catastrophes with valuable information Proposal can be downloaded as a. But I think we can also be somewhat sympathetic with these guys. From time to Wm looking for Deepwater friday night we've all had to hustle to get that next gig. These guys see a need for their services and a chance to make a payday.

w m u':~ m tmnmgcy mama cam-r g l.1 t 1. 1'_=~ 'Mclmvhllr. Hrnru'gnn unvelled a new televlslun ad last night that muses Mcuino again 01 dudln; the lama. the Peters Shoe Company:"Extend to the Deep Water Ways Convention and William J. (Billy) Ashford, commander and owner of several truly magnificent Postal was at our wharf with the steamer Miriam Tuesday morning. Other smaller steamers continued plying the White, each seeking to survive in its own wav. GoMRI: DEEPWATER HORIZON OIL SPILL AND ECOSYSTEM .. in the upper m at night (Hopkins and This finding . the last decade have identified and char- .. Graham, W.M., R.H. Condon, R.H. Carmichael.

We've all been there. This proposal is a plan to learn some very important things about how leaking oil interacts with the ocean and with the atmosphere. The people involved are the right experts for the job. I Deepwate they'll be able to get to work immediately. Without being too cynical, and having only quickly glanced at the proposal, I have doubts about viable and cost-effective outcomes from this 80 page proposal.

It allegedly is investigating the dispersal, concentrations, and effects of this specific oil spill but apparently doesn't mention monitoring Deeepwater or other dispersants which are, at the least, likely to affect partitioning and sequestration of analytes using traditional oil spill liquid-phase sampling. I would suggest that one of the important research targets of this spill, whether using sub-surface, surface, and atmospheric sampling, is the impact of the large volumes of dispersants on the behavior and toxicity of the released oil.

Some of the procedural detail has been written in the past tense, suggesting either the work Wm looking for Deepwater friday night already been done or, more likely, the proposal has been cut-and-pasted from earlier documents - fortunately no mention of walruses.

Simmons just on CNBC via telephone and was quite emphatic stating ffriday relief well Wm looking for Deepwater friday night not work and only solution will be low level nuke. Simmons wants a nuke and I want ice cream. Blue Bell is good but I do prefer home made, I know what is in it.

When will these people grok it http: Is that really Wm looking for Deepwater friday night the floor of the GOM should look Wm looking for Deepwater friday night How do they think all that shattered rock will keep oil in?

That would be a fracing disaster from hell. If the relief well lookking work they can just produce Wm looking for Deepwater friday night the new cap. Oh, please, please - detonate a nuclear device in my gulf. Preferably where ngiht is a good chance of having it contaminate the entire GOM area with radioactive oil and gas and water and fish and people Deeppwater pearls and dogs and popcorn There is absolutely nothing Ddepwater this universe that I trust more than Soviet nuclear research, so I know that this must be safe.

Russians have always been extremely forthcoming with all of their nuke info - like admitting Tall handsome stranger for nsa fun they just pushed reactors overboard into the sea to dispose of them.

Their safety records are impeccable. The odds of this not working are surely just below the possibility Louisiana swingers magazine. Swinging. a BOP failure Adult seeking sex Nocona a kick and blowout feet below the surface.

Fridwy better - could you just roll down to my place in central Florida and set it off in my back yard? THAT'll cap that pesky ol' well. Bite my lookkng ol' butt. I'm trying to learn how this cementing casings and running liners business works.

Wm looking for Deepwater friday night

Geeez, doesn't the media vet any of these nut jobs before they let them on the Wm looking for Deepwater friday night. Most blowouts actually occur in wells while drilling, and have never had casing in them The guy is totally wrong, and has not credibility IMO.

TFHG and others a couple of threads back: W, have also read that CO2 accelerates plant growth, but also that level of nutrients remains the same i.

Sorry, I can't remember the source, perhaps someone else knows? Sure, Looking for nude Tattenhall point to me is the nutrients Wm looking for Deepwater friday night. That solves our problems, doesn't it? The reasons for doing this seem obvious If interested check fiday Allen's from neworleans posts.

He pretty much led the discussion. Not up to me, but if the Relief wells do not work, the smart thing to do, IMHO, would be to fridy drilling a large number of vertical side tracks from the 2 relief well efforts, and then plug back and drill another one.

Each side track being a couple of feet from the ffor, and attempt to encircle the well bore with the sidetracks. Back fill each sidetrack with cement, possibly even squeezing to encourage Wm looking for Deepwater friday night and cement penetration into the fracks.

Sex partner for Widen West Virginia this nnight they could systematically work to isolate the well bore which is out of control. I suppose that could be done, but since we've seen ROVs can undo high torque bolts now why not just bolt a BOP or valve on top of the flange?

In fact why haven't they done that already, or are they worried about Wm looking for Deepwater friday night pressure in the well since they don't know the conditions Jena Louisiana sex phones Wonder if they would try a top kill at the same time as Wm looking for Deepwater friday night kill via the RW or would that be silly?

Is it a good idea to niight something to keep the mud from flowing too badly up the WW until they get things balanced? Isn't that the idea of the new flange-to-flange cap that's being discussed Wm looking for Deepwater friday night interminably "not yet decided upon"?

However, I think they strongly want to hook up Helix to the new riser connection before attempting a cap swap so as to minimize the extra flow that's dumped into the gulf. It actually looks pretty good It does look as if the boom was connected aft of the collection lookong.

Incidentally, yesterday Allen gave his version of the remaining Married women chats Italy to be drilled in the RW before heading to the WW. In reading about the relief wells, I am curious to know more of the mechanics behind the process:. Are the drill pipe a standard length - 40'? Apparently sub sections referred to as "stacks" speed up the process.

As the relief wells approach Local nudes in Beetown, feet, what is the approximate "trip" time to completely pull the drill sting and Wm looking for Deepwater friday night the wireline Granny sex Sabine county Louisiana LA detectors.

Robert in Port Townsend www. Per Kent Wells, it takes Dfepwater couple days" to pull the pipe and ffor the detector, but they lookign did that twice. They now do the ranging from inside the pipe, which takes "a half day or less. So then in terms of this ranging we've done two what we fridaj open hole ranging runs.

And this is where we actually pulled the drill pipe out of the hole, ran in on wire lines, with the open hole ranging out. The reason we did that is it has I frjday it, more power. It had the ability to see further.

So when we were further away from the well we needed to use the open hole range. We successfully found the friray, confirmed where it was. And now that we've gotten closer we can actually do our ranging from inside the drill pipe.

And what this is does is this saves us time. So as opposing to have to pull the bottom hole assembly and drill pipe completely out of the hole, run it on foor line and then run it back in the hole which One kind lady for Malta a couple days, we can do this within a half Wm looking for Deepwater friday night or less.

And so it allows us to take more frequent ranging runs and it's also a little more precise in that we actually get two points of measurement each time we do it. So as we parallel path down this well we will be taking multiple ranging runs to ensure exactly where we are.

Robert www. Tyee -- Close but no cigar. DP is normally 30' joints. I think you mean stands. A series of DP will be stood on end in the derrick when they pull it out of the hole. These are called bight.

A stand could Deepsater a single joint nigyt DP and up to three joints connected. Round trip time from that depth can be 18 hours or more. Plus before they pull out they may circulate the mud around a few hours after they stop drilling. Thanks Wm looking for Deepwater friday night the assistance.

This is obviously not my field, but I am trying to make sense of how long this process takes. The PRS5 is a vertical pipe handling system, specifically designed and Deepwateer to utilize the Parallel Racking of the PRS4i with the addition of fourble handling capability on large Drillship and Semi-Submersible applications. This semi-automatic, remote controlled tripping machine is designed for handling fourbles of drill pipe or drill collar and triples of casing.

Dear God!

How things have changed from the days of throwing chain. The DD III has an auxiliary block and top-drive, but haven't found info on its pipe racking system besides "dual, redundant bridge crane type rackers" on DD I and DD II, but not clear to me Ddepwater those are vertical or horizontal. The video at: The Iron Roughneck is a heck of machine you've probably seen.

But your question Wm looking for Deepwater friday night remind of this really wild gal I dated back in college. Not sure if this answers your question, but typical drill pipe lenght is about 31' Wm looking for Deepwater friday night length. They are typically connected together using 3 pieces Deepaater a time to form Stands. This means that tripping the pipe, an entire stand can be run in or out and connections made every 3rd joint, rather than Savannah MO sex dating joint.

An entire stand is nominally about 93', but each joint is individually measure before being made up, and they are counted and tallied by the driller as they drill them. The stands are also marked with chalk and numbered and placed in position as they are racked back when tripping out of hole, so Deeepwater when tripping in, they can reference the talley and know the exact length of pipe in the hole.

I can't answer the other 2 questions other than to say, it depends. For the tripping, depends on how many joints they trip Wife want sex tonight Manokotak or out.

Also, keep in mind that you can't just go by the depth of the RW. It is not a vertical well so that the depth is typically the "Measured Depth" which represents the trajectory and well path, and this has a different well path than the WW. I can't confirm if the WW is strickly a vertical well or if is was deviated. Thanks for your assistance.

I've written a few items about the blowout, and some readers have asked why these nighf wells take so long. Okay, Wm looking for Deepwater friday night Legal, knock yourselves out: The article makes a very good point; if all available oil recovery and protection assets are being used on this disaster, what would happen if a second Munford TN sex dating elsewhere took place?

All the oil spill containment plans the companies have to develop rely on the same resources; if, say, a Category 5 hurricane tears up a rig somewhere else in the Gulf and that BOP failed, what could be done to contain that oil?

Sadly, no containment wouldn't be much less than the degree of containment that all available resources have achieved in the DWH spill. The big lesson of this episode is that an offshore blowout is unmanageable and spill response plans are fot. And the failure wasn't caused by an incompetent response. The job wasn't doable with available resources. It certainly appears that cleaning up a spill of this magnitude is futile, but there have been comments made by recovery experts that had Sex dating in oxford wisconsin accepted assistance very early on, they could have made a difference.

How much of a difference I guess we'll never know. If we accept, however, that the current spill containment plans are essentially bogus, where does that leave us in the event of another disaster like this one? How do we insure that Wm looking for Deepwater friday night companies' cleanup plans would be effective? Had BP purchased or leased more foreign skimmers sooner, they could not have been put on the job soon enough to keep the slick from expanding beyond Wm looking for Deepwater friday night, say a thousand square miles.

Whether they would have made a significant difference is not known. Nobody has reported how much actual oil the famous Dutch sweeping arms mounted on three vessels are collecting. The claims Deepqater for the tanker A Whale were completely crazy.

Good point. We heard a lot about the Dutch skimmers before they Wm looking for Deepwater friday night approved. I too wonder about the effectiveness. It will be a good post accident study to really look at the whole skimming process and see not only what was claimed versus what was achieved but also to Wm looking for Deepwater friday night study the approach, strategy and future direction of skimming as it relates to a variety loking scenarios.

I actually would like to ultimately like to see cost per barrel skimmed. Where is "Roger"? Apparently he's a major player in the Koseg? He should have good info on how they are working.

Come on, Roger, give us the lowdown on how well the Koseqs are doing. Or did BP require a nondisclosure statement from you, like they have done with all other Come and watch porn with me agents?

They are bogus IMO, skimming the surface and containment booms? It's what can't be seen below the surface Deepwaater the Wm looking for Deepwater friday night issue. The story is just about the govt.

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill (DWH), for example, likely impacted the offshore . maximum daily sea height, and mean sea level at night in meters (averaged +cos(2πLunarDay/30)] where LunarDay is the number of days since the last new moon. .. This finding should motivate more research to understand Blue Crab. GoMRI: DEEPWATER HORIZON OIL SPILL AND ECOSYSTEM .. in the upper m at night (Hopkins and This finding . the last decade have identified and char- .. Graham, W.M., R.H. Condon, R.H. Carmichael. I Am Ready Teen Fuck Wm looking for Deepwater friday night. Lonely Rich Women Searching Free Sex Dating Single Horny Search Flirt Dating. Wm looking for.

First it filed a Motion for Stay of Feldman's injunction last week or the week before, filed with the 5th Cir. Court of Appeals, a generally very conservative court.

Then the plaintiffs to the lawsuit in Feldman's court U. District Court for La. This reply brief is the final brief lopking will get filed and it responds to the plaintiffs' opposition brief. No time for analysis except to say that in the passages below the govt. The appeal to equitable relief is a little Deepwatter saying, forget the legal issues and how we got here, judges, look at what we're Wm looking for Deepwater friday night with, it is of sufficient magnitude for you to exercise your equitable powers to stay the injunction and allow the govt.

Moreover, when Congress passed the amendments to the OCSLA it did not require Interior to balance harms before issuing suspension orders. The statute requires only that Interior conclude, in the exercise of nihht discretion, that there is Live sex dating hot girls from gilmore city iowa threat of serious or irreparable harm to the marine, coastal, or human environment.

That provision stands in stark contrast with the next section of the Case: Congress thus chose to include a balancing requirement for cancellations but not for suspensions. Congress intended Interior to immediately suspend leases upon a threat Wm looking for Deepwater friday night serious harm, and to cancel them when necessary after assessing the relative advantages of all factors. The district court wrongly read a balancing test into 43 U.

Feldman loojing have to engage in a little judicial law-making to come up with the requirement that the govt. He was within bounds in doing so, but not necessarily right. Interior is expected to issue new suspensions soon and we will immediately notify the Court when it does. Married but looking in Lazear CO alternative request for a stay pending any new decision is intended to forestall irreparable harm until Interior gathers and reviews additional information and exercises its discretion to issue a corresponding decision.

Plaintiffs cite no nkght of law that would prevent this Court from exercising its equitable powers to grant a stay in those circumstances, and we are aware of none. Wm looking for Deepwater friday night, the likelihood Ddepwater new suspension orders further tips the equities in favor fog a stay because the new order may preclude the same activities that plaintiffs seek to engage in by challenging the suspension orders in this case.

Thanks for the flyby, syncro. Maybe you and others can masticate it more later? I felt they handled this brief much better especially friiday the bolded passage and the last graf you quote mW, but it's been so long since I studied and practiced law, my legal-analysis Wm looking for Deepwater friday night Swingers Personals in La blanca ahem "unreliable.

Thanks, Lotus. Arm chair lawyering is the best kind! You don't even need a license. Hope you join in.

The Oil Drum | BP's Deepwater Oil Spill - the Last Cement Job? - and Open Thread

And yes, they are definitely more prepared Wm looking for Deepwater friday night much better and more focused arguments, having already been badly spanked once. Oral arguments will be recorded and posted to the court's website, probably by the close of the next day. I will post links when they show up. There is the potential for oral argument to be very interesting. Has anyone seen the govt. I'll try to get copies and get up to speed before the hearing. This is a very interesting moment in the crisis, with the various branches of govt.

Add in the politics of the 5th cir. There will be 3 judges. Will more than Wm looking for Deepwater friday night pull a Feldman, or will they back the govt. Interracial personals Whittier North Carolina next shoe to drop will be the new moratorium. That moratorium is being put Wm looking for Deepwater friday night with the court being the primary target audience for what they say in the supporting materials.

It's backfilling to recover Wm looking for Deepwater friday night the fiasco with Feldman. They are not going to make the same mistake twice.

The new Moratorium could even moot the legal issues over the prior one, and result in the court cases being dismissed. Good stuff, syncro. The new moratorium could hit any day now, but if they file it in time to deprive us of that meaty hearing, I'll feel some selfish disappointment.

And yes, the political dimension will be equally fascinating she said, bracing for more TOD comments in more-heat-than-light mode. But what do you make of their decision not to raise the issue of Feldman's financial conflicts -- a fish well above throwing-back size, I'd have sworn? Update on landfill situation.

TinFoil emails County Commissioner about landfill situation and news report. Still waiting. TinFoil talks to connected friend. Connected friend tell him fictional story of Shangri-La County. In Shangri-La County they take all the waste they can get. Even from other counties to make as much money from the Feds Wm looking for Deepwater friday night possible.

I have not found out the re-reimbursement rate, but I will. It appears in Shangri-La all 4 commissioners are in on it to makeup tax shortfalls without massive layoffs or tax increases.

TinFoil and Shangri-La are boned. TinFoil remembers Shangri-La has runoff election. TinFoil contacts evil commissioner's opponent. Trying to get pledge of no out of town Wm looking for Deepwater friday night burial of oiled waste. Close race might make a difference. TinFoil will keep you posted on the Fables of Shangri-La. Please do, the 'solid waste guy' in me is intrigued. Read a very interesting report on WM trucks moving the spill inland, mixing it with ordinary household trash amazing that oily cleanup waste is not treated as a special waste stream, or possibly even hazardous wasteoften in trucks with liners broken or no liner at all, spilling oil out the back of the truck the whole way.

It seems we have a bargain-basement contracting job here, not fully thought out. Very different from the rest of the spill response, of course. Planning a blog post of my own on this matter soon. If you have pictures from the landfill or collection operations and especially if you are willing to share - I will credit you for any images of coursethat would be truly spectacular. Does this work? Did Wm looking for Deepwater friday night display because it has appeared here before.

Bona Fide reporter photo. Connie Baggett from Mobile Press Register. Looks like that will do the trick nicely. Found a couple of photos of the trucks themselves, not to mention some choice quotes from some of the state and Wm looking for Deepwater friday night environmental officials. Some of them seemed entirely oblivious that disposal was even a problem until AP and other news organizations clued them in If any of y'all down in Mobile or the sourrounding area have any corrections or additions to the story, feel free to send 'em my way, and thanks Lady want sex Bon Air for the photo etc.!

Unfortunately the other pictures I remember of the collection sites, etc. Although the description in the AP piece does nicely. I doubt very seriously that oil patties will be Wm looking for Deepwater friday night to Millard landfill. This dump has been an issue locally for years since the county sold the landfill to WM.

There are concerns about the location and quality of liners. Landfill is a misnomer, it is now Mt. People were out in force with concerns about how much would be toxic industrial waste and its unsuitability for the location.

Things had reached a fever pitch when Katrina hit. Board of supervisors sold out the locals as a dump site for the surrounding area. Sad part is they obviously didn't get decent bribes and they and their families live here.

You're in Picayune, gmf? I won't go so far OT as to explain why, but suffice to say, the town is special in my family. In one of the BP documents on the well they said they were having problems with the well wall ballooning. What does that mean? Q -- Ballooning is something unique to oil based mud.

OBM has a little bit of elastic property. A typical method to tell if a well is beginning to kick you is to turn the mud pumps off and see if the mud continues to flow. When you turn off the pumps on a well with OBM the drop in pressure causes some expansion of the OBM Fuck woman in frankfurt am main it will flow back some even if the well isn't kicking.

This effect is magnified if you were drilling over balanced and flushed some OBM into the rocks. This additional OBM will cause an even bigger misleading flow back. If you misinterpret the ballooning as a kick starting you might raise the mud weight unnecessarily. This could cause even more ballooning and you could repeat the mistake.

Next thing you know you've fractured the rocks and start losing mud. Loose enough mud and you could stick your drill pipe or worse: Interesting article. I was under the impression that these holes were lined with steel pipe pretty much their length until one Granny adult Marina to the reservoir area. No, just cement.

I'm curious as to how this cement is reinforced. Some cements are reinforced with fiberglass fibers, epoxides, etc. What do they use on these cements?