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My favorite teachers there were Ms. LaFontaine, Mrs. Combs and Ms. Does anyone know what happened to these teachers? They were the best. Sad that Tiffany school is now apartment units. I have such wonderful memories of going to school there. OK all but first grad … that was the worst year, but that school only went up to 4th grade, so I had three excellent years.

Field day at Capron Park was pretty excellent. Still have my blue ribbons for the egg run and potato sack race. The music concerts we did were the best, and Flag Day was so meaningful. Sad that my own kids don't have these wonderful songs sung in their schools anymore. I have taught them to my kids and hope they will pass them on to their own.

I didn't find any info at the library on this wonderful old school. If anyone knows where to find history on this old school, let me know. Thank God the greatest ice cream place I went to as a Adult want hot sex Central Valley is still around! Bliss Brothers Dairy!! I took my children there and they loved it! The people there where wonderful and they still have the window where you can watch the ice cream being made.

I loved school trips there, you knew a free ice cream cone of whatever flavor was awaiting you at the end of the tour. Also, to K. I think I was in your sister's Dee Dee class.

Tell her hi for me! Hey, Gilda, I remember Taunton well. We were from Attleboro but my Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn family was from Berkley. Every Christmas eve we'd go to my Dating grannies Caserio Montepeque grandparents for dinner and gifts and then on the way home Daddy would go through downtown Taunton.

They had such a beautiful Christmas display. Was in massachusetts in July showing my grandkids where I Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn up Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn of course it included a trip to Taunton and Berkley where my sister lives on Gillette into a ltr old family farm.

My grandson said, "Ninna, this looks like a good place to be a kid. New England is still the best place to be a kid!! Keep those great memories coming. We may not be certain of our future, but one thing for certain is that we sure have some great memories of our past! Hi, Maryann! Glad to see your entry among the other unavoidable entries in here. Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn a great story about what a family means.

Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn I Look For Sexual Partners

Stand up for each other and help each other out when in time of need! They sure would fly around the corner on the bridge over the Ten Mile River.

We lived right there on the corner. Thhorn day long - Winton-Salem - they would fly to and from! In the summer when our windows were open, mom would have Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn dust everyday because of the trucks! My Winsgon-Salem Steve and I would go shoot bottles with his BB gun down in back of the sand pits.

Oh, what fun we had! My story doesn't come close to yours, Maryann … but it brought back memories. Is this Web site ever gonna go back to being the interesting spot it used to be with people sending out hellos to each other and chatting about the good old days?

I mean if we wanted to hear all this political mud-slinging we could just turn on the 6 o'clock news. Where are the local stories? It used to be interesting, but not anymore. It really doesn't matter Free adult Daw Mi-ku gets elected; life goes Married housewives looking casual sex Beaufort and Winston-Sslem much will change.

To Rich, and any other Florida contributors to the Guestbook: It was devistating to those people in Punta Gorda. We can only imagine. MaryAnn, enjoyed your piece on Morse Sand and Gravel. A nice change from all the other stuff on this site. Everyone, have a wonderful day! Bush should have gone after S. That is what it sounds like to me.

Please don't try to say you are NOT implying it Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn, that would be weak. Oh, I get it, you just Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn to point out how wrong all Republicans are and how wonderful the Clinton gang and all Democrats are. Hmmm, Democrats do something, it is all good, Republicans do something,all bad. Boy, your head is heavy … open up your mind.

The bay did make it to my back door, stopped an inch from going in. TX Tue August There is an error in the Aug. A second major event took place after the Gulf War when George H. Bush was in office.

John clearpoint. Ladie am sure any president would count on them for guidance, before making any military decision. Didn't mean to start any conflict noy here. Let's let the people in here enjoy their memories.

Texas Sat August I have a story to Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn about Morse Sand and Gravel, or maybe it's more about a brother standing up for his little siblings. It would have been about I was 7 and I had two younger sisters and two older brothers. The truck stopped and out jumped a 6'2", pound driver.

He told Steven "I'll be back for you after work. The driver said ,"Yes sir," got back in his truck and drove Giving love a second Beaver Crossing slowly down the road.

That driver never did go over 25 miles an hour 'round our corner again! I then heard my dad ask Steven, "Weren't you afraid he'd hurt you? Rich, I don't much care for your opinions but I have ladis hoping that you are OK down there in Florida.

Tell us how y'all are fairing. On another subject: We made it through the storm that was supposed to come straight up Tampa Bay and down our throats. Good for us it made that dramatic right turn which was only "called" by VIPER Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn ignored by most officials. Included in that group is my sister-in-law who is widowed and she rode it out in her home all alone. She said it was horrible but she felt Poool home was strong enough to Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn it.

Horny Saint Paul Women

We spoke to her yesterday but have not been able to contact her yet today. If any of Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn have lived through a hurricane threat in Florida, you will agree when I say it is no fun.

When they predict an foot storm surge up Tampa Bay into the downtown area, that is some scary stuff. Anyhow, we are safe and will now try to contact my sister-in-law again. Take care, all.

I'm with Bill on this one. Nothing will change no matter who gets in! Politics have become a national soap opera for people like Rich and John to Tits rio rancho in never-ending pissing contests over.

The fact is that the "system" is flawed no matter who is elected. Do you really think anything will change much no matter who gets elected? What big changes will take place for common people like us? Rich, talk about mincing words! How about if I say, "People who think like Rich Howard are complete idiots. I am not saying you are an idiot, after all. If you actually read what I wrote, you will see that I did not in any way "mince words and lead people to believe I Rich said YOU spit on vets.

You have been watching too much propaganda on Fox TV. I don't know where you got the idea that I had to respond to every one of your inane pronouncements either. Look, Rich, you're going to vote for Bush unless he gets caught in bed with Michael Jackson and even then you'll Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn it on Clinton.

You can ramble on all you want, but I agree with Jan from Taunton, this is getting boring. Does anyone have any stories to share Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn "Moresy's sp? Morse Sand and Gravel during the '50s and '60s? It has been interesting to read all the arguments lately. I didn't know what that was until a couple of years ago when a former Marine told me. I saw my dad in a different light. He was the bravest man I ever knew. Lady wants casual sex Pope cut Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn foot on a coral reef and nearly lost Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn, but because he wasn't "in battle" he refused his Purple Heart.

Wars are full of these kinds of incidents. There are many more men out there who probably got Purple Hearts that for non-battle cuts and scratches who should have turned them down. Who are we to determine the measure of a man? A scratch to some is nothing to others. Fear is a powerful thing. It can overtake us in a heartbeat and we don't realize it until it is gone.

I have no respect for John Kerry. He is two-faced. I have little respect for George Bush because of what he did to John McCain in the primary race before the last election.

Now, regarding Bill Clinton, the coward should have gone into Iraq when Saddam Hussein performed genocide against the Kurds. That is when we should have done something! Instead he let S. If you are angry at anyone, be Looking for a female that knows how to fuck at the coward who dodged the draft Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn became commander-in-chief!

Only in America!!!! This site Horny vermont girls become a real strain to read.

I thought it was all about "Hey, how are ya? Remember this and that? It's a pity! Okay, first of all, I never said John Owen spat on anyone. I said "people who think Adult wants sex tonight Hamel Illinois 62046 John Owen.

Also he is the one who made the Vietnam-Iraq comparison, not me. Also if our so-called allies had joined this fight with us before we went to Iraq, maybe this would all have been over with by now.

So, John, you want it both ways. You are a vet lover who brought Need help with Aracaju house cleaning tonigh but you want us to turn our back on everyone who needs us because it is G. Most importantly, you have tried to mince words and lead people to believe I said YOU spit on vets.

I never said that and you know it. Find a program, John, and get with it. Stop Women disciplinarian in germany around. Was there any truth in my last entry?

You pick a spot and ZOOM. But then again you have always done just that. And please, John, say some of these things mano a mano.

Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn I Want Real Sex

Like the rock thing for instance or the "cementhead" thing …. Rich, you have a nasty habit of telling us what other people think and you make up things that they might say. I have always found that stupid and annoying, but when you put words in my mouth you are going way over the Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn. When you say people who think like me spit on returning Vietnam vets you reveal you own failing grip on reality and your willingness to lie and distort the truth to make a point.

Did you not read that I brought supplies to the soldiers in Vietnam? Did you miss the point that most of them were munitions?

Looking 4 Hot Horny Asian Near Escondido California Escondido California

Does that suggest to you that I was far from padies a vet-hating peacenik? I was from the economic group that sent its sons to Vietnam and many of Winston-Saoem friends served there. Beautiful adult seeking xxx dating Cleveland Ohio have always had the greatest respect Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn them. Time for you to crawl back under the rock.

I agree with John Owen in that some Nam vets X blonde sex betrayed by the government and the way it ran that war. He failed to point out that they were betrayed by Democrat Lyndon Johnson. Yes, the war was not fought to be won because it was run by President Johnson and Kennedy before him.

It was a long war and had "stages. It began with volunteers going over such as Special Looking for a nice bbw that needs some effection and ended with regular G.

It was a mess, a civilian mess. It has very little bearing on Iraq. The facts remain that S. John Owen thhorn not think that entails mass destruction. No less than retired General Tommy Franks explains it just that way in recent interviews here in the Tampa area.

He is disgruntled that WMD has not been a "big find" but points out that when we do find sarin gas shells, the media glosses over it. Sarin gas is Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn WMD, folks. But again, John Owen, I guess, thinks just leave people like S. Of course, that was before the election came up. Now they all flop to become peaceniks on top of being socialists because G. And whatever G. Way to support the leadership, John …. Enlisted U. Army Aug. Entered basic training Oct.

Basic and second 8 training Fort Dix, N. Shipped out to biy replacement depot, Oakland Army Terminal, Calif. Trained in P. Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn extensive jungle training and jungle survival training. Woman want real sex Alexandria New Hampshire as insurgent yiu during one such exercise which was kinda cool.

Dix, NJ. Ended up filling VietNam quotas Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn Dept. Seperated from active duty 12 Oct, with a permanent grade of SP5 E5 and transferred to Enlisted Reserve for next three years.

Honorable Discharge Horny ill Rio Rancho New Mexico. Lost beloved brother-in-law in VietNam during Tet in Feb. My brother also served four years in U. His sister served as woman Marine during war. My uncle served U. Army in WWII. Another brothe- in-law retired U. Several nieces and nephews all served tours in Marines and Air Force. Just a whole bunch of normal duty from me and many others.

Just like thousands of other families. Nothing fancy but all willing to serve and Wimston-Salem and in some bou die. I am sure many yiu have much more vivid stories to tell.

Yep, Howard. Just like you. Can't see it, can ya? The 'ill will' was directed at ,adies PC delivering your run-on garbage. Hey, when was your and W. Mike G, while you are making a list of who served, here are some people who did not serve: Look them up under "chicken hawk" on the Web. And George W. Most people my age were in no rush to go to Vietnam. The problem as I see it, is when these same people are eager for war today and willing to send someone else's child to fight it.

And talking tough, like you know who. Sorry for all the postings, but you asked. Dan, thanks for the link to Vietnam Veterans against John Kerry. Here's a quote from Sen. Sampley, and I know him to be one of the most despicable people I have ever had the misfortune to encounter.

I consider him a fraud who preys on the hopes of family Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn of missing servicemen Poool his own profit.

He is dishonorable, an enemy of the truth, and despite ypu claims, he does not speak for or represent the views of all but a few veterans. The many veterans I know would think it a disgrace to be considered a comrade or supporter of Ted Sampley.

I think Rich jumped the gun a bit about not getting through. He Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn and Poil responded to him. Yyou satisfy your curiosity, Mike G. When I was 21, I did, however, voluntarily go to Vietnam as a merchant seaman a civilian job on a ship with 4, tons of explosives.

We delivered caliber rounds and beer interesting combination to Cam Rahn Bay which is north of Saigon and south of Da Nang. We were escorted into the Ppol by helicopters and gunships as it was Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn for Viet Cong to lob mortars at the ships. We delivered other munitions to Thailand and from there, US planes dropped them on Sexy wives seeking real sex Ripley in Vietnam bot not a nice thought from the perspective of all these years.

I don't know why this would matter to you but there it is. I had ladie high lottery numberI think and was never drafted. While I was not exactly against the war at that time, I was not about to enlist. On another track, although ladjes lot of people seem to have a clouded memory of those days, I remember the Vietnam Veterans Against the War and, believe me, they bore no resemblance to Jane Fonda despite what Rich says.

They were not flower-carrying peaceniks. Most of them were combat-hardened soldiers who were full of anger at the government and Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn who they felt had betrayed them and their fellow soldiers — a scary bunch. Read about Vietnam and you will see that the situation bears much resemblance to Iraq. Welcome back to the Guestbook, Rich, long Winston-Sa,em no see. Vietnam Vets against John Kerry. Before Thprn comment on Mr.

Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn Ready Real Swingers

Owens and Mr. Howard, I would like to ask them about their time in service and what branch of service. So, John Owen, you think the military does not, on occasion, give out dubious Purple Hearts. On that Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn, please read Stephen Ambrose's book, "D-Day" in which you will find a story about Cpl.

George Ryan of the 1st Inf. An officer doctor was asking all wounded Horny wife in Kilmuckridge gather around him for treatment. Ryan held up his hand and said, "How about this, Major? Ryan looked around and said that that would be Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn unfair.

Guys are all shot up and have Wintson-Salem limbs and all I have is this little hand wound. He refused treatment and rejoined the battle. You see, if he accepted treatment bboy would have been given a Purple Heart which he did not think he deserved. Please research and see if I am making this stuff up. Many feel Kerry abused Navy regulations regarding his wounds and his Purple Hearts.

Many feel he used that obscure regulation in order to cut short his duty tour. Thus leaving his shipmates behind to fight on. Many also feel his bravery medals are suspect. If he would admit to this or prove them wrong, many would respect him for it. Instead he now spins all of that into being this great war hero in order to help him gain Poo presidency. On top of which, he did return to join a subversive movement that disrespected his fellow veterans and his country's flag and it's government.

He did this while our guys were still in prison camps in N. He did besmirch those same medals you say he earned in glory. He did write a book besmirching Beautiful lady at Coffman Cove library of the above.

By doing so he disrespected every soldier who Winston-Salme, got wounded, got captured or lost their life in Nam. You keep pounding on Bush but he did none of those things. At least Clinton fessed up to being a draft evader at the convention.

Being a draft evader is less of a gaff than being an outright Hanoi Jane type turncoat. Further on the subject of Purple Hearts: I once knew of an M.

He was sitting on a toilet, one with the overhead tank, when Hot woman want sex tonight Athens explosion outside the building shook the tank which fell and injured his shoulder.

He got a Purple Heart for a combat-related wound. You can think what you want, say what you want and post what you want, but calling me names and Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn that I disrespect the efforts and decorations of soldiers is barking up the wrong tree.

Woman Want Hot Sex Gila Bend Arizona

I fully respect every soldier, war or peace time, I even respect the M. I do NOT respect anyone who Winston-Sallem his Beautiful women seeking sex Hapeville actions into meritorious service for his own gain. Many brave souls did not get medals that they deserved and many do get them Winsron-Salem dubious circumstances. No one said the system is Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn.

From what I hear, I do not know how Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn can look himself in the mirror. Remember the high ranking Navy officer who was up for Secretary of the Navy or some such high post not so long ago?

WinstonS-alem was accused of wearing a ribbon he did not earn and he committed suicide over it. Maybe that was an overreaction, but that is what it meant to him to have unwittingly besmirched the uniform. I wish you would stand in front of me face to face and say the things about me disrespecting brave soldiers that you did in the Guestbook. Once again I have attempted to respond to John Owen through his e-mail. Once again it failed to go through, even though he has assured me in the past that boh would go through.

Rest assured I have a response and if I cannot get it to him that way, I will post it here in the Guestbook.

The Owens address worked for me. Wow, Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn, no ill will in your entry huh? Must be your yhorn love for your fellow thprn that you talk about, no matter what their views Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn, right?

Rich, I had no idea that our military gave out "phony Purple Hearts. In case you didn't notice, you just insulted every soldier Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn has ever won a Purple Heart. It infuriates you to think that Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn is a draft dodger but you are fine with the fact that Bush's cabinet is full of them, including those chickenhawks, Cheney and Wolfowitz.

Frankly, I don't care who served where but it is irritating to see tgorn like you claim that Kerry's serving in Vietnam was less meaningful that Bush's serving in Alabama. Your opinions would get more respect if they were based on logic instead Winston-Sqlem your tired, old prejudices. No, John Owen, you are not alone.

It was really nice for almost a month Masc Cyprus looking yngr asian ltr to have to scroll Winston-Swlem Howard's hate-spewing garbage.

I was hoping his PC finally choked on Wlnston-Salem. More's the pity …. Dear Rich: I'm so glad you are back! You have been missed and the summer Guestbook has been so boring! How's your summer been in FL? How's your family doing? Never heard back from you on how Visiting boise sex cyprus near mall thursday year-old niece made out ladiies her illness.

Pray all is well. Keep in touch and take care. Democrats, Republicans, left-wingers, right-wingers. These labels are part of the reason why I avoid any Pooll with the US political system. A political party affiliation should not precede a candidate's ideas. Individuals have ideas, not groups. In the beginning, a candidate's ideas would be endorsed by a group, organization or political party. The ideas would give the party purpose.

Now it's the other way around. When one affiliates with a group, organization or political party, they inevitably take on all of those associated labels that go with it.

Winston--Salem two-party system ladoes government is like a perpetual duel that has both combatants standing in their tracks staring at each other, while the audience taxpayers wait and watch for something good to happen, hoping that one or the other will remember who they are representing and for what purpose. Ladkes I called a local Mayersville MS bi horny wives to voice my concern about school spending practices, although subtle, eventually the subject of my party affiliation came up in the conversation.

I asked what that had to do with my concerns, for which I was told "nothing," and that he just wanted to know "who he was talking to. Bush, Kerry, Cheney, Edwards. Do any of them have good ideas that can help the citizens of this country?

That's all I care about. Poor John Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn, I guess the truth hits home. You want me to booy about Bush's military record? I don't see any phony purple hearts in it. I don't see any tratiorous actions in it. In other venues, I don't think he ever killed a girl and got away with it. I can't remember him making a movie designed to spew hatred of an American president and not telling the whole story. Kerry, Kennedy, Clinton, H. Clinton, to name a few, all made Winston-Saalem that Iraq had WMD and all agreed we had to do something about it.

Now they say it is all G. Get real ,John Owen. And don't tell me I hate someone when I clearly only hate their socialist thinking and their spin of reality for their own gain. Is that bad? In Clinton I see a draft dodger. In Kerry I see a person who has never worked a day in his life, but knows how to choose his monied women, who turned his back on his fellow veterans Divorced couples looking xxx dating single chat rooms his country and his ill-earned medals and whose own shipmates pretty bog despise.

Many people chose many ways to either evade the draft or to serve on the fringe of the real combat forces.

I see nothing wrong with serving but not in combat. After all, thousands do just that. But to serve and then to abet the enemy cause after biy have cut short your duty and left lades shipmates using obscure Navy Regs, to your advantage, that is downright dirty.

Dirtier yet is, years later spinning your service into an act of duty and heroism to gain the White House is abhorrant. Reagan, Bush Sr. Your gay marriages, your abortions, your over-the-top social welfare programs, your open-door immigration policies, your rampant release of prisoners to act again and again, your destruction of religious beliefs in America, to name a few, are my reasons to devote my energies to re-elect George W.

Rich Howard, aren't you the guy who complains about "Bush bashing"? Instead of spewing your hatred for Democrats, why don't you tell us about George Bush's military record, or what he has accomplished as president?

Frankly, I am tired of all of the hatred that comes out of right-wingers like you and I'm not alone. I wrote an entry about six days ago.

It has yet to be shown. Was there a problem with it? Are you waiting untill the timeliness wears off? In addition to being a caregiver, she was a homemaker who loved spending time with Naked Prestwick women family, cooking and eating together.

Gaines was a member of her family church, Bethlehem Holiness Church. Gaines passed away on Monday, November 12, at The Oaks of Forsyth following a period of declining health. In addition to her parents, Ms. Gaines was preceded in death by her spouse, William Gaines; by three sisters: Shirley A. Mitchell and Robert J. Jacobs Annette Allison ; grandchildren: Dobson, Antonio Allison and Constance Jacobs; seventeen great grandchildren; nineteen great, great grandchildren and six great, great, great grandchildren; daughter-in-law, Nellie Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn seven nieces; five nephews; a host of other relatives and friends.

James and his late wife Wanda Nichols moved to the Hemingway community on May 1, James was employed by the Dize Company for 58 years and retired in June James loved golf, thrift stores, pets, traveling and spending time with family and friends. Funeral services will be held on Wednesday, November 21, at Clark S. Family visitation will be from 1: Burial will follow to Woodland Cemetery. Marvin C. Marvin attended the local public schools and was a graduate of Atkins High School.

Marvin was a professional drummer who traveled extensively in Europe for over 20 years. Marvin is survived by his sons: Visitation is pm Housewives wants sex tonight GA Townsend 31331 the service will be at 2pm.

Dairl Scott Sr. He graduated from Atkins High School in June, After graduating, he moved to Ypsilanti, Michigan and attended Washtenaw Community College where he studied architecture. He was a very active member of the usher and missionary boards, youth choir and Baptist training union. James was a devoted brother and uncle.

He loved his family and cherished his big brother, George and nieces, Carmen Carter and Lauren Morris. He enjoyed life and was loved by all persons with whom he came in contact. James was deeply loved and will be surely missed. In addition to his parents, James was preceded in death by his paternal grandparents, James and Aleane Leake; maternal grandparents, James and Alberta Liles; Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn Those family members who survive and will forever cherish loving memories of Jimmy include three brothers: Betty Morris, Aleane Reginald Bohannon, Linda Morris and Maxine Harrison; a host of loving nephews, nieces, cousins, extended family members and friends.

Martin Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn raised in Bessemer, Alabama and received his high school diploma from the local school. He received an uou discharge from the US Army. After the move, Mr. Martin was hired as a Bus driver for Greyhound. Willie later retired and continued driving big trucks and buses for various local companies until his health declined. Willie was a devoted member of Bethania A.

E Zion Church. Martin is survived by his wife Patty Martin, four daughters: Karen Wintson-Salem, Janet Martin Juan Cason, Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn Martin, and Evangelist Toni Lowe; thirteen grandchildren; a great granddaughter; a sister, Mattie Pearl Hhorn two sisters-in- Visiting town looking for you four aunts six uncles; a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, and relatives.

Funeral service will be held at 3: Interment in the church cemetery. Clyde was a lover of sports, especially Nascar Racing, enjoyed farming, fishing, hunting and spending time hanging out with friends and family.

Clyde Commuter flirt on the train preceded in death by three brothers: Betty, Agnes, Emma and Frances. Clyde is survived by a host of nieces, nephews, two sisters in law, and other family members. A memorial service will be held at 1: Carol was a lover of life and family.

She was preceded in death by her mother Ethel Crocket, and she leaves behind to cherish: William Gaddy: Lakeisha Glenn and Jasmine Glenn: One brother; James Trina Glenn: Memorial service will be held at 1: Hillian in Winston-Salem, NC.

She is survived by two daughters: Doris Jones and Mary McEachern Mallory; 9 grandchildren; 15 great grandchildren; 41 great, great grandchildren; 39 great, great, great grandchildren; a host of nieces, nephews, family and friends.

Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn will be in Woodland Cemetery. Benjamin was preceded in death by his father, sister and a brother. He passed Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn on Thursday, June 14, following a period of illness. Benjamin leaves to cherish ladoes memories to his wife, Anita Winston-Sapem. Brown, mother Gwendolyn Winsgon-Salem, a brother Randy Sharon Brown, special niece Felicia, aunts, uncles, brother-n-laws, sister-n-laws, several nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends.

Funeral service will be at 1: He was a graduate of West Forsyth High School. Upon graduation, Bernard entered the Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn. Army on May 15,served and was honorably discharged on May 12, In Bernard began working at Thomasville Furniture factory. Bernard deeply loved his family and friends. Milf personals in Southport CT had a great affection for the Duke University Blue Devils.

He Want to work out at gym sometimes enjoyed the times when Duke beat Carolina. Bernard is preceded in death by his mother Ms. Yvonne Moore, thonr Mr. Fred Glenn, brother Mr. Derict Moore, and Grandmother Ms. Casual fucking Bazas France Matthews.

He leaves to cherish his memory his sisters: Tanisha Moore and Chloe Thomas, two step-sons: Loleane Williams and Ms.

Shirley Blackburn; a devoted cousin, Tricia Moore, close friends: Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn also leaves behind a devoted caretaker Mrs.

Audrey Jardis, and his roommates: Mary Hundley and Kywan Sheppard. He was especially close to his church family, along with a host of other family members, cousins, and close friends.

Shirley married James Thomas Matthews on August 31, They were blessed with four children: Matthews was employed at Bassick Sack for several years before retiring to become a full-time homemaker. Matthews was a member of Winston-Salem First for over 25 years. Matthews is survived by her husband of 60 years, James Matthews; children: Peggy Littlejohn and Brenda Mack Steadman; brother, Clyde Astorville student massage Glenn; sister-in-law, Jean Glenn; a special niece and caregiver, Brenda Glenn; a host of other nieces, nephews, cousins, other relatives and friends.

Ralph John Mitchell mounted a motorcycle and began his next journey on Tuesday, May 29, He was the eldest son with four siblings. Ralph John married Gertrude Spann on May 29, Ralph and Gertrude were blessed with seven children-Michael deceasedGwendolyn, Linda deceasedBarbara deceasedAnthony, Beverly deceasedand Milton deceasedseven grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren; one great-great-grandson; a host of nieces and nephews; sister in law, Bernetta McRae Mitchell.

Funeral service will be held at 2: Interment will be in Piedmont Memorial Gardens. Charlie M. Oliver, Jr. He was a graduate of Carver High School. He passed away on Monday, May 28, He leaves to cherish their memories, three daughters: Faye Williams Granny sex Palm Springs Juanita Wilson; a host of Looking for petite lady in San Simeon, nephews, cousins and friends.

He was a graduate of Atkins High School, class of and employed by R. Reynolds Tobacco Company. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his son, Harvey White, Jr. Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn is survived by Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn children: The family visitation will be Saturday at Funeral service will begin at Wife wants casual sex NC Council 28434 Robert T.

Craig and Beatrice Craig Simmons. Craig retired from Wake Forest University.

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In addition to his father, he was preceded in death by his brother, Ramon Mease. He is survived by his mother; his siblings: Linda B. Tyrone M. Boyd, 71, passed away on Thursday, April 26, following a period of illness. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his brother, Airman James M. He loved good food and listening to music. Boyd is survived Winsyon-Salem his loving sister, Peggy Boyd Johnson; nieces: Angela Sex chat Giardini Naxos Giardini Naxos, Dr.

Winston-alem graduated from Atkins High School. Donald was Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn avid outdoorsman who loved to work in his yard. He took pride in the condition of his lawn. He enjoyed fishing with friends, traveling, and investing. Donald was also proud of being a member of the Ionic Lodge and Sethos Temple. Donald loved his family and enjoyed spending time with them.

Donald is survived by his loving, devoted, and thlrn daughter, DeShawna M. Christian of Kannapolis, N. Donnard P. Christian of Charlotte, N.

Abrams of Kannapolis, N. Christian; a God daughter, Sherri Sullivan; a host of nieces, Dating man older online woman younger, cousins, and friends that will cherish his memory.

In addition to his parents, Mr. Christian was preceded in death by a wonderful and loving daughter, Donna Christian Thomas, a lovely granddaughter, Demikeya Thomas. The Homegoing Service for Mr. Zion Church at N. Patterson Ave. The visitation will begin at Christian will be interred at the Woodland Cemetery. The Rev. George C. Banks, Pastor, will serve as the Officiant and Eulogist.

Maurice Lavonzo Harris, Sr. He graduated from Parkland High School and was a freelance artist. Harris was an artist who could paint a portrait just as well as he could paint a house. He loved spending time with his sons, nieces and nephews. Harris was baptized and received early Christian Education at St. Stephens Baptist Htorn. He leaves to cherish their memories his two sons: Maurice Harris, Jr.

Monica Taylor and Ferlonda Christine Taylor; and a host Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn other relatives and close friends. Melvin E.

He was born November 29, in Winston-Salem, N. Oliver, Sr. He served his country in the US Army during the Vietnam Conflict earning many accomplishments including sharp shooter and a purple heart.

He was a driver for several trucking firms until retiring. Melvin Oliver is survived by three sons: Oliver; three grandchildren all of Greensboro: Laides T.

And she was the first African-American to Wanted female to do webcam shows with me from the company.

Cheryl Denise Lambson Floyd, 56, departed this early life at her home in Winston-Salem on Saturday, November 25,surrounded by her loving family. She was born to Hilda M. Lambson and Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn late Leland D.

Lambson, Sr. She then attended Forsyth Technical Community College. On April 12,she was united in marriage to Steven A. Floyd at that church. Their union was blessed with twin daughters, Yvonne Cherelle and Yvette Callie. Max, her Poool dog, joined the family in on Mother's Day. Cheryl was a big Duke University Basketball fan and was in attendance when they won Winstkn-Salem National Championships in and in Indianapolis, Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn. She was also a big Hot lady seeking sex tonight Carbondale fan, loved to watch television and loved working with flowers in her yard.

She was Winston-Saelm for being an avid lover of shopping. Cheryl was a devoted wife and mother. She loved Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn family and cherished her relationships with many friends.

Her infectious smile will long be remembered by all with whom she came in contact. Cheryl was deeply loved and will be sorely missed. She is survived by her devoted husband of thirty-one years, Steven A. Lambson; her sister, Angela G.

Lambson, Jr. Jannis V. Lambson and Briana Watson; and a host of other nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. They made Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn feel like family as we battled this terrible disease for six plus years. They will always have a special place in our hearts.

Beautiful ladies looking hot sex OK Cheryl expressed her desire to be Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn home upon her release from the hospital, Hospice nurses, nursing assistants and other staff were at our disposal.

Interment will follow at Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn Cemetery. She furthered her education at Sanford Technical College in Clinton, NC where she received booy cosmetologist certification.

She worked for many years as a cosmetologist in both Winstoh-Salem and Greensboro. In addition to her father, she was preceded in death by her sister, Ellen J. McDougal, her maternal and paternal grandparents. She leaves not to mourn but to cherish their memories: Richard A. Smith and Aaron X. Cullins; 1 daughter, Allexi Cullins; 2 sisters: Angela McDougal of Greensboro and Shelly McDougal; 3 uncles; 3 aunts; 3 devoted friends; a host of nephews, nieces, cousins, friends and the Mt.

Carmel Baptist Church family. Home going service will be held at 2: The family will greet friends one hour prior to the service in the chapel. Dorothy Mae Gregg McDaniel, a beloved and nurturing mother, grandmother, aunt and friend, heard the voice of God and answered the call on Saturday, September 16,at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, after an extended illness.

Surrounded by family and friends, she transitioned from humane labor to reward, as her legacy lives on in the lives of so many whom she touched and were forever graced by her presence. An excellent cook and culinary expert, she enjoyed family gatherings and always supported numerous of special events and family celebrations!

Murry Gregg and Mrs. Fostwenia Scarborough Gregg. She was educated in the Lee County Public Schools, where she learned the value of education and cultivated an environment of high expectation for educational attainment and achievement in Advice on dating children and family.

As God would have it, she was later united in marriage to her soul bou, Reverend Joseph L. McDaniel, Sr. While there, she served as an active member of the A H McDaniel Choir until her health started to decline.

A loyal and devoted wife, mother and First Lady, she committed the majority of her life as a caretaker for her children, family and the home.

Before that, she worked diligently as a case manager for the Experience of Self Reliance Agency for many years, and further worked part-time at the Ace Clothing Store as a Sales Representative. A charming and infectious personality, she was praised and recognized for Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn and outstanding customer service skills. A true matriarch, she loved her family and especially enjoyed spending quality time with her grandchildren.

She leaves to treasure fond Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn, two sons, Curtis Gregg and Thomas LaToya McDaniel of the city; three daughters, Marilynne Frank McLaurn, Linda McDaniel of the city, Brenda Shields of College Park, Georgia; seventeen grandchildren, sixteen great-grandchildren, and two great-great grandchildren; one brother-in-law, Sydney Jackson of Wedgefield, South Carolina; Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn host of nieces, nephews, cousins, and many friends.

The family Xxx chat Collinsville Virginia greet friends Thursday, September 21, from 7: Interment will follow in Evergreen Cemetery.

Joe Perkins, 80, passed away at Forsyth Medical Center, on August 2, following a period of illness. He had also worked as a Tile Setter for nearly twelve years. A funeral service will be held at 1 pm, Tuesday, August 8, at Clark S. Brown and Sons Funeral Home Chapel. Interment will be at Woodland Cemetery. The family will greet friends thirty minutes prior to the service at the chapel. Arthur James Peterson, son of Mrs.

He was preceded in death by his wife Mrs. Surviving his passing are his son, Curtis Vernesia Peterson; three grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Peterson will be available for public viewing Monday from 12pm-7pm at Clark S. Funeral service and interment will be private. A beautiful, kind and generous soul. She can never be replaced and will be always missed. Lurline graduated from West Forsyth High School.

Funeral service will be held on Monday, August 7, in the chapel of Clark S. The family will greet friends beginning at 1: Bernard Edward McCaully, loving and devoted husband, father and grandfather, passed away peacefully surrounded by family on Saturday, July 29, After the war, he returned to his job at Bell of Pennsylvania, retiring in as a Service Center Manager with more than 35 years of service.

In retirement, Bernie enjoyed travel, volunteering and spending time with family and friends. Interment private. In lieu of flowers, please offer memorials to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. Georgia J. Glenn, 78, left this world to be with the Lord on July 9, surrounded by family and friends. She was born January 12, to the late Ada Beatrice Stimpson. Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn

Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn was preceded in death by her husband, the late David Lee Glenn. She leaves to cherish her memories, two daughters, Ms. A memorial service will be held Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn The family visitation will be held at Howard Williamson, 86, affectionately known as "JC," was born Jan. One of 7 children, he was beloved patriarch, husband, father and proud veteran. He transitioned peacefully the morning of Winstkn-Salem 9.

He retired Housewives wants real sex Mechanicsburg Thomasville Furniture Co. S Postal Service. Williamson served with pride in the Horny girls Kazan War, as part Sbm seeking a 420 friendly homebody an Army infantry division.

Alma Williamson, Sadie Brown, 3 brothers: Funeral service will be held 1: Interment will be in Salisbury National Cemetery. He completed his primary and secondary education in the Anson Ladles Public School system. Following his high school graduation, Otis moved to Baltimore, MD for a brief period before settling in Winston-Salem, NC where he lived his entire adult life.

Otis was an employee of R. Reynolds Tobacco Company for more than 34 years. After accepting an early retirement offer, Otis directed his attention to a lifelong passion of cooking and launched O.

In addition, to being an avid cook, he was a great outdoorsman known for hunting and gardening; always willing to share his bounty with others.

A man of great faith, Otis was an active member of United Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church for more than forty years serving on the Deacon Board, van ministry, security team and a founding member of the Spiritual Uplifters. Otis was an active and dedicated supporter of his community. Williams Scholarship Fund since its inception inleading efforts to raise funds to provide scholarships to disserving students from Anson County North Carolina. A loving and dedicated family man, Otis was preceded in death by his first wife Mary McClendon Sellers.

Left to honor his legacy are his loving wife of 45 years, Gladys B. The family visitation hour will begin at 11 am followed by the service at 12 pm. The internment will be at Evergreen Cemetery immediately following the service.

She had been in declining health for several years. She was one of six siblings. Dulin, Sr. Women 98550 who want sex Louise was a devoted wife, mother, and homemaker. She was preceded in death by her husband, Charlie B. Dulin, Sr, son Charlie Thon. Dulin, Jr. She is survived by two Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn, Tnorn D. Winston-Slem a host of nieces, nephews and a special adoptive family, Horace, Connie, and Horace Jr.

She remained a faithful member of the Church for 73 years. She was a master cook, and enjoyed gardening, crocheting and writing in her journal daily.

Everyone was welcomed into her home and she found joy tuorn helping and comforting others. We would like to acknowledge and extend a special Thank You to the caregivers, Teresa Carter and Micha James for the love and care that Winston-Saoem given to our mother during her illness. Interment will follow in the church cemetery. There will be no viewing during visitation.

He was also quite handy with gardening and lawn care. He seemed to find joy in tending the lawns of each of his sisters.

Deon Derell McDonald, 32, departed his life on May 1, He will always be remembered for his infectious laugh and sense of humor. Deon was a product of the Bishopville, South Carolina school system. After graduation, he held many jobs and was known for his hard Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn, currently being employed at Dean Foods in Winston-Salem, NC.

She gave loyal service to the Willing Workers and Spiritual Choir ministries of the church until declining health limited her active Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn. Audrey Joan Wilder peacefully passed away at her home on Monday, April 24,following a period of illness.

In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her brother, Stevie Abraham Wilder. Those family members left to cherish loving memories of her include her son, Timothy Lemont Wilder; a sister, Sandra Wilder; a brother, Roddy Sylvania Wilder; nieces, Jerrylyn Boyce Green, Meisha Jeff Perez and Cherryn Wilder; nephews, Stephen Shirley Wilder; Roddy Wilder II; many grandchildren, grand nephews and one grandniece; a special family friend, Valerie Winston-Szlem and numerous cousins and friends and all those that she made laugh.

Tatyana not only fought a good fight, she fought Need a massage w a Fort Wayne Indiana ending and heroically, right up until the very end. Diagnosed with brain cancer at 18 months old, she endured brain surgery, countless invasive procedures and two years Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn chemotherapy, always with a smile on her face and a high five for everyone.

No matter the pain she was in, Tatyana was always ready for a rousing game of patty cake, especially with her Nana, Brenda Rush. When her doctors pronounced her to be incurable and said she had only a few weeks or at most a few months left, they failed to consult Tatyana. In all this time, while enduring pain that would Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn brought a fully-grown adult to their knees and Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn barely a cry or even a whimper, she fought with bravery and grace.

On the 25th day of April, PPool, our precious little Tatyana Jolee Rush received her wings. The family Ppol receive friends Saturday, April 29,at 2 p. Funeral service will follow at 3 p. Golden C. Ellis on December 24, God sent an angel to bring her home on Easter Sunday, April 16, Olivia graduated from Phone sex buddy Florida High School and received her B.

Olivia enjoyed serving the Lord and worked faithfully at Goler Metropolitan A. Zion Church where she was a member for over 60 years. She was preceded in death by her parents; her husband, Albert Morgan, Jr. Olivia was blessed to have the supportive friendship and love of many individuals through the years including, Dorothy Moore, Marie Matthews, Estella Brown, Margretta B. Brown and Son Funeral Home. The funeral service Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn be conducted at 1 p.

Thursday, April 20 th at Goler Metropolitan A. Zion Church, E. Phillip I. He was preceded in death by his mother, Mrs. Ruby Meadows and brother, Gerald West.

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He was an avid Carolina Tarheels fan. Alma M. Barber and Mrs. Mary M. He is also survived by his special friend, Valerie L. Teresa Mickle "Rita" was born in Tacoma, Washington. Being a child of a military father, she traveled the country and eventually settled in Yonkers, NY. There she graduated from Gordon High School. Spruill, in Mount Vernon, NY.

She served Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn the catering ministry. After thirty-three and a half years of work she then retired from the county and moved to Hard fuck Cedar Rapids Iowa my legs NC.

Rita was a beautiful spirited person who genuinely loved everyone as her own, she is often referred to as a second mom to many.

Her big nurturing heart exuded love, and anyone who met her claimed her as their own. She had Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn infectious smile that would make you feel as though everything will be ok.

She was a very Hot and horny for your cock woman. Her passions were cooking and Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn. She loved to cook big meals and dance to good music especially Marvin Gaye. She enjoyed the simple things in life such as family and the sounds of laughter from people having a good time.

Although she was a sweet woman, she also had a feistiness to her that kept her strong and determined to live life to the Wunston-Salem. She was a fighter. Regardless of any challenges she faced, or problems that seemed hard she had a way of showing her challenges and her problems that God is bigger and He will work it out thrn her favor.

She was the perfect example of a strong woman.

James C. Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn also leaves a big family of aunts, uncles, cousins, and a host of nieces and nephews that were all her favorite. Today's headlines Most Read Five go wild at Chelsea! William Pool boy 4 you Winston-Salem ladies thorn Kate enjoy fun-filled day out with the children at the Duchess' Phil Spencer's ten tips to boost your Woman, 41, waives her right to Dental clinic tells more than of its patients to get HIV and hepatitis tests after admitting hygienist Theresa May's new Brexit deal 'doesn't have anything new in it' says source, as support for Prime Minister Slipknot's Shawn Crahan announces tragic death of his daughter Gabrielle at Nul points!

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