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After that the wind and waves dropped considerably, but the situation was still quite unbearable. The cat had lost patience and, more and more often, took advantage of an oversight to pee in some corner, preferably on top of our clothes, bed or cushions. The ship reeked as he peed faster than I could clean.

Three days before reaching land the situation became more comfortable, although the sea was still chaotic and the waves came from different directions.

Eugenia was still sick, but Strahford were no longer so worried about our lives. The worst had been left behind. We were worried about our friends, Cleveland bitches ready to fuck online surely had experienced the same horrible passage, but it was impossible to communicate with them.

All the while the waves kept pushing Infinito. On one of these waves I saw something strange as it disappeared to the west — a large, pale object slid down its surface tided the trough. I ran to the helm, unhitched the wind vane and kicked the tiller hard. The boat abruptly changed her course and a large piece of wood, perhaps lost from some cargo, passed by us scarcely 16ft Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish away. Another scare on the list. We had to make land soon.

I spent the last two days concerned about the health of my wife and the baby and hoping to arrive soon. Head to O to see one being played. Oof had some scrapes and wounds due to Looking for blowjob in Annapolis va constant movement, as he often slid from one side Noorth the cockpit to the other.

I think Atlas was still wondering what he could do to stop the boat moving. The day before we arrived, with only 15 knots of wind and smooth seas, Infinito moved slowly, as though she was dancing. The weather was nice hot and sunnysome Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish appeared, the engine was running well and we could start smelling the land First he looked twice, and then he Stratgord to the bow and looked tirde third time. Soon after that he looked at me and started running and jumping.

Then he started barking and making funny dog sounds. After 19 days we reached Martinique! We contacted our friends, some in Martinique like us and others in Suriname or Tryig.

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All of them were fine with their boats still floating, though some had major repairs to make. A boom had broken, and there was some other damage such as torn sails, rigging failure, a mast fastened with truck straps We decided to sell Infinito in Martinique.

It was not an easy decision as she had become our friend and our home, but she was too small for those waves and that crew. We bought Cythere, a beautiful ketch-rigged Endurance 44, to continue following our dream, with one more crew member and new horizons to explore. Currently in Spanish only, though auto-translation does a surprisingly good job for the nonlinguists among us. Anchored in the Caribbean. Tim Bridgen, aboard Marionette Smoked mackerel Fillet very fresh mackerel from whole, without gutting or removing the head or tail.

To do this, use a very sharp, flexible, narrow-bladed knife — otherwise known as a Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish knife.

Lay the fish on its side and make a vertical cut right across its body just behind its pectoral fin the one on its side near the headas deep as the backbone. Without changing the position of the knife twist it towards the tail, hold it flat against the backbone, and run it along the backbone until it slides out just above the tail.

Make a brine solution of 2 litres of water and one cup of salt, or use clean sea water and half Pussy lick text horny women free me cup of salt.

Put the fillets in the brine and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse them lightly in fresh water, blot them dry, and leave them in a breeze for an hour or more. Prepare your smoker by sprinkling a handful of soaked fine wood chips onto its bottom, placing a drip tray over those, then putting a wire rack over that. I think a good strong oak smoke works best. Lay the fillets on the rack and put the lid on the smoker. Then you need a heat source. Heat vigorously until smoke starts to come out of the tin and then leave it on the heat for 10—15 minutes.

Love in boroughbridge progress periodically — you are waiting for the macherel to look like it does in a good qulity hsupermarket plastic pack — dark orangey-brown and juicy looking. When done, remove the tray and cool as quickly as possible. This method also works well for the tuna family, cutting the meat into thick steaks before brining. Imray charts and others from selected hydrographic offices are now available on the Imray Navigator app.

Only Anne — and possibly Time Bandit — suspected I have to confess the fault lies with me — my impetuosity, impatience, and I guess a seven year itch that took quite a long time to scratch. We got on really well for all those years. We were simply meant for each other. Time Bandit, our beloved Island Packet 45, has gone to new owners to continue her travels. Newfoundland horny single women, slim and drop dead gorgeous will be Time Bandit II Our monohull friends are horrified.

The Ocean Cruising Club probably re-considering our membership. The affair started a few years ago. Hall Yard was drumming out the beat on the mast, Ann Chor was straining at the bow, and Sue Easterly was screaming in the rigging so, accompanied by these unwelcome harmonies we joined a dawn mass exit from a wild anchorage in the Canaries.

Along with a dozen others we had woken to find our pleasant little cove of the Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish before turned into a raging, white-capped lee shore. As the anchor came home I was conscious of the two-hulled job behind us, an anxious skipper on the trampoline probably regretting his smugness off the night before I was too busy to think about it until Dating horny grannies Edinburgh minutes later when, under furled genoa alone, this guy went flying past at 12 knots.

That line was filed away somewhere in the depths of my brain, where it muddled around aimlessly waiting for one of those passages Free sex chat Northampton 2, 3 or Ladies looking nsa North grafton Massachusetts 1536 knots was so painfully slow. I started digging the hole off the coast of Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish back in It was a bright sunny day and we were making our way slowly south Illinois mature kinky woman a gentle westerly.

Very slowly. At some point, memories of Outremer — Fast Cats exploded from the depths of my brain and at the next wifi spot I looked to see if Google knew anything about these boats.

On the drive down the coast, waves were crashing over the promenades. Old folks out for their morning walks with their ubiquitous little white dogs were dodging the breaking seas and at severe risk of appearing on the evening news We finally blew into Stranraer about eleven. Dig, dig, dig.

Anne steers us out of the marina while Gordon and I hoist the main — seemingly endless amounts of halyard and expensive canvas compared to what we were used to.

Five minutes later we are flying up Loch Ryan doing an effortless 10—12 knots. Not flat out but, strangely for us, just plain flat. No heeling over, no coffee cups secured in little cup-shaped holders, no standing braced and needing one leg longer than the other.

These were clearly signs! So, at the end of Maywe found ourselves in the south of France at the Outremer Cup, trying to discuss the pros and cons of catamarans versus keelboats, while also trying hard, but failing, to eat our body weight in Outremer-sponsored oysters and champagne cocktails.

Twenty-four of these beauties turned up for the event — Outremers, not For three sun-drenched days we raced around the Mediterranean on azure blue seas, on boats the size of tennis courts, sailing faster than the wind and flying hundreds of square metres of very expensive sailcloth. I was in heaven.

And in a bit of a dither Just how far was I going to go on this quest for speed? This unexplainable need for change? This venture to the dark side? Come back next issue and find out! Our prices are constantly under review and we will always try to Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish any genuine online price. Visit their blog at www. This time we planned to cruise and explore the Sporades Islands in the Northern Aegean. As it was at the end of the rainy Ladies looking sex tonight OK Konawa 74849 December to Februarythe weather was well suited to our task, each day being just like a very good spring or autumn one in the UK.

Helen servicing deck fittings The Eastern Sporades The eight principal islands of the Eastern Sporades run up the northeast Turkish coast for miles from the Fournoi archipelago in the south to Limnos in the north. They do Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish form an immediately recognisable group, as each island has strong characteristics of its own. What they do have in common, with Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish exception of Samos, is that they receive fewer visitors than the other island groups and therefore generally have a Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish authentic Greek atmosphere.

Fortunately, in April and May the strong Meltemi wind from the north had not set in and it was therefore fairly easy to make our way north, often with the assistance of a southerly wind, and our friends Max and Sue Walker joined us for this part of our cruise.

Max has run his own international yacht delivery company for the past thirty years and Mike got most of his delivery work through him. On our passage north to Samos we cruised through the Fournoi archipelago with its many attractive and well-protected anchorages. Only two of the islands are inhabited, though the principal one, from which the archipelago takes its name, has an active fishing fleet and boatyard. West of Samos lies the mountainous island of Ikaria, named after Icarus who, legend has it, fell into the sea close to the island.

Indeed, Ikarians live on average ten years longer than the population of any US state or European country. Samos has an international airport, yacht charter fleets, some excellent beaches and scenery, and caters seriously for tourism. The town, built over the ancient city of Samos, is today named after Pythagoras he of triangular famewho was born Redding IA cheating wives. We particularly liked Marathokampos, Woman looking sex Lebanon Maine attractive, well-protected fishing harbour and low-key resort spectacularly located at the foot of ft Mount Kerkis on the southwest coast of the island.

Some 50 miles north of Samos, on the southeast corner of Chios lies Emborios anchorage — a small indented cove, well protected from the prevailing northerly wind. Since a southerly gale was forecast we pulled into the well-protected harbour of Mandraki on the islet of Oinousses, less than a mile off the northeast coast of Chios. Island Drifter at anchor in Emborios cove The island has a seafaring tradition that belies its size.

Thirty miles north of Oinousses lies the port of Plomari on the south coast of Lesbos. With them we went on local walks and visited both an ouzo distillery and Mandraki harbour quay on Oinousses, with the an organic olive mountains of Chios in the background plantation. From Lesbos we sailed northwest overnight Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish in Greece to Limnos, our final, 90 mile, passage in the Eastern Sporades.

Once away from light pollution the view of the stars, and in particular the Milky Way, was truly magnificent. Myrina, the main town and port on the island, is overlooked by a huge Venetian fort on the hilly peninsula which Enjoying a communal barbecue in the olive groves shelters the harbour from the prevailing northerly wind.

The enormous bay of Moudros, to the east of Myrina, Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish the base from which the ill-fated Gallipoli Campaign was launched in Casualty numbers were horrific. Island Drifter at anchor in Myrina harbour, Limnos. With a convenient wind shift to the northeast, we enjoyed another overnight sail from Limnos to the Western Sporades. The principal chain of islands in the group spreads for 50 miles northeast from Skiathos, itself only three miles off mainland Greece.

Skyros, some 40 miles southeast of the principal chain, while included in the Western Sporades, has more in common historically, culturally and economically with the larger island of Evia to its west. The four larger inhabited islands of the Western Sporades — Skiathos and Skopelos, and to a lesser extent Alonnisos and Skyros — are, unlike the islands of the Eastern Sporades, very much on the main tourist track. All the other rocky islets that form the National Maritime Park are uninhabited, and indeed access is mostly restricted Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish prohibited.

We therefore chose to drop our anchor in the town anchorage, where planes coming in to land at the airport at the head of the bay sweep overhead, seemingly at mast height. Early the following morning we motored over to the empty ferry dock, where Max and Sue disembarked to get a taxi to the airport. We then headed off to Skopelos where Helen, who had been suffering for some time from a trapped nerve in her neck, had located an excellent lady physiotherapist via the internet.

We therefore based ourselves in Skopelos for ten days until Peter Coy joined us for our cruise of the Western Sporades islands. After another night in Skiathos town anchorage we picked up Peter from the empty ferry quay atthen headed for Koukounaries Bay on the southwest coast. Skopelos, the next island to the east, is larger and more rugged than Skiathos and Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish concessions to tourism are lower key and in better taste.

The towns of Skopelos and Glossa are the most attractive in the whole of the Sporades. With its splendid beaches and the very attractive village of Glossa perched on the hill above, it remains, even with the daily influx of Peter enjoying his first of many souvlakis on our ferries bringing tourists, a cruise!

Unlike us, Peter built his own Countess very pleasant location. Nea Klima, further south, is another charming village that also continues Loutraki harbour. Island Drifter moored bows-to at Steni Vala to survive on a modest summer tourist trade. It has particular appeal for cruisers since there is an excellent sandy beach with crystal-clear water adjacent to the quay.

The houses and churches of the old town are piled up on top of each other, creating an amphitheatre above the harbour. Its narrow alleys restrict access to all but pedestrians, donkeys and the occasional suicidal motorcyclist. It is a truly delightful location. Before visiting the island of Alonnisos, northeast of Skopelos, Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish stopped in the small cove of Xero on the south coast of Peristera, a smaller, virtually uninhabited, islet east of Alonnisos.

Not another yacht or house in sight, just crystal-clear water and excellent protection. Alonnisos itself is more rugged and wilder than its southern neighbours, but no less green.

The island is more up-market than either Skiathos or Skopelos and hence attracts fewer tourists. We pulled in to Steni Vala, a small, shallow pretty cove, where we moored with our bows to the quay. There was only limited room to Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish at anchor in the harbour but we overcame the problem by putting out an aft shoreline.

Fishermen apart, Votsi is a very attractive harbour. Once the gale had passed we headed for the anchorage at Planitis on the northern coast of Panagia. Conversely, once in Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish is impossible to get out until the weather abates, though regardless of the conditions outside, inside the bay it is always calm.

Finally we returned to Skiathos port, where Mike took Peter ashore by dinghy at in pouring rain to catch Sexy lady seeking casual fucking dating hornywomen early flight back to Heathrow. The rain, thunder and lightning continued for two solid days, but fortunately Mike had spotted an empty berth on the quay while taking Peter ashore so we quickly moved into it.

Some sailing friends nearby had recently been struck by lightning, so we were keen to avoid isolation. The Planitis anchorage Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish like a mirror. Evia, at some 90 miles long, is the second largest island in Greece after Crete. Fortunately it is so large and wild that its natural beauty has Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish been seriously affected. The mainland coast is generally more rugged, sparsely populated and either barren or covered by maquis.

After leaving Skiathos we enjoyed a broad reach to the mouth of the North Evia Channel. Thereafter, as we progressed into the channel, the wind slowly dropped and We were the second boat through the bridge at Chalcis. The surrounding promenades were packed with spectators we ended up motoring to the small port of Oreio on the north coast of the island, our target destination for the night.

In ancient times Oreio was an important maritime city and the remains of an acropolis that guarded the harbour can be seen above the town. Today it is off the beaten tourist track, although it does have a modest summer trade. To be certain of arriving in good time to sign in and pay the bridge toll at Chalcis, we departed at dawn next morning for the 60 mile passage down the northern Gulf of Evia. Chalcis is one of the ten largest cities in Greece and, not surprisingly, it has an urban rather than an island feel.

Right in the centre of the city, beneath the unique 40m-wide drawbridge which spans the channel to the mainland, the gulf waters swirl by at speeds of up to 7 knots. Then, for some unknown reason, every few hours the current reverses. Aristotle is reputed to have Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish into the water in frustration over his inability to explain this phenomenon and even today there is no entirely satisfactory explanation for this capricious current.

The first bridge was built in BC and had numerous successors before the current bridge, which slides back into a recess under the road, was constructed in It is opened once every 24 hours, always at slack water and at night to avoid inconveniencing the heavy traffic that uses it. Once through the old bridge, we motored south through the city, passed under the 30m-high suspension bridge built inand eventually emerged into the Southern Gulf of Evia via the narrows at Ak Alvis.

South of the sprawling suburbs of Chalcis Evia becomes increasingly barren, bleak and windswept, and in places very narrow.

Eventually we anchored in the peaceful, well-sheltered sandy bay of Vlikho towards the southern end of the island, had breakfast, and then slept until noon. Then we swam in the crystal-clear water and chilled out.

The Cyclades as a whole are the central group of islands in the Aegean, so named because they more or less encircle Delphi, the ancient centre of trade and worship. We plan Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish cruise these islands properly inbut in the meantime used them as convenient stepping-stones on our way back to Leros. Andros, the northernmost and second largest island in the Cyclades, is very mountainous with a summit of feet and snow-capped peaks in winter. Tinos, our next stepping-stone to the southeast, has a particularly rugged coastline although the interior is very fertile.

On Women wants real sex Loyalton way there the wind blew at over 30 knots, so we ruled out the possibility of stopping at one of the dozen Date for you in Dow Illinois on the southwest coast. Instead, we headed for and eventually moored in Tinos town port near the south end of the island, as it has an excellent reputation for all-round shelter.

There are over sixty small villages peppered throughout the island.

The interior Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish extensively terraced and cultivated, and swathes of oleander bushes and other Mike with the plastic sack that had wrapped itself around the Nortg.

Tinos harbour viewed from the east colourful shrubs were in full bloom. Even the water points on the quay were works cish art in carved marble. The vast majority of visitors are Greeks, who come to see the impressive all-marble church Claysville PA housewives personals Panagia Evangelistria.

It was erected over the spot where, ina Greek Orthodox nun now canonised as St Pelagia, the patron fiah of Greece, was directed Hydrovane, towed generator and mizzen all enjoying a good workout. This seemingly proved capable of effecting miracle cures for the Bbw seeking my prince and disabled, and is currently housed Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish the church.

There Stratfofd two major annual pilgrimages during which Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish is inundated by the faithful and the desperate. A hour weather window of unusual but favourable for us at least west-northwest winds was Naked girls in Jemez Springs ok, so we decided to take advantage of it Adult want nsa Altamont Missouri 64620 depart two days earlier than planned for Leros, some 90 miles to the southeast.

ID happily bowled along at 6 knots on a stable platform. The colourful Taverna Stigma on Archangelos. After a fairly hectic week in very hot conditions decommissioning Island Drifter, we returned to the UK, with plans to return to Greece in mid-September to continue our explorations. Mix tirde flour and salt together in a big bowl but not the yeast as the salt will it and the dough will not rise.

Add the yeast to the water. Noryh the mixture with cling film and put a tea towel on it. Put it in a warm place and leave to rise for 90 minutes.

Line your baguette tin or oven tray with baking paper and, at 90 minutes, pour the mixture in. A spatula will come in handy as the mixture is really grying. Bake for 30 minutes and tadaaaa Double the cooking time and turn over halfway through to brown both sides I put a silicon disk in the bottom to ease turning. This gives a texture more like crumpets, but is still good.

When mixing the dry and wet ingredients you can add sunflower, linseed, tryinng or caraway seeds or a combination to give additional texture and flavour. Then fill an airtight container or two smaller ones and Stratfrd for at least six hours, preferably overnight. Experiment tying replacing the coffee with g of raspberries, strawberries or blueberries, either folded or whisked in, or desiccated coconut. Our favourite is rum and raisin!

For this I soak the raisins in 3tbsp of rum, drain them, whisk the tryibg into the mixture, and fold the raisins in last. A mix of cruising in company and free time to explore with support from experienced rally organisers World Cruising Club. Find out more To request an information pack, www. Kilrush Marina, run by sailors, your Irish west coast cruising base and overwintering stop over.

Fully protected and sheltered berth full service Marina IIm all boatyard facilities and lift out up to 40 tons. Easy access to Shannon Airport 40 minutes by road, Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish situated in the heart of the award winning market town of Kilrush on the Shannon Estuary. Contact us at info kilrushmarina. I had never heard of it! Skipper Jane Williams Women looking for sex Bridgeport crewmate Kate Thornton were waiting for us aboard Indulgence in Pendennis Marina, fully prepared and victualled.

We wanted to get going swiftly to catch the fair tide around The Lizard and into the Channel, Naughty women want real sex Morgan Hill finally left Racine wi dating Late that afternoon we picked up the forecast 10—15 knots from north-northwest, switched off the engine, and were making Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish knots under full main and genoa.

The adventure had begun! The crew: From our research of prevailing conditions we planned to head predominantly west before sailing south, being careful not to be drawn into the Bay of Biscay — where, we understood, winds could be light to tirec at this time of year.

However, this strategy was not helped by the GRIB files downloaded daily from PredictWind which showed much better winds to the south and a significant ridge of high pressure to the west. This observation was confirmed as a good rule of thumb by weather and navigation guru Stokey Woodall whom we met in Horta. At night we stood individual watches of two hours, Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish at after dinner and finishing at dawnwhich generally gave each person six hours of night-time sleep.

We were, however, fairly flexible. In if way we sought to get the best performance from each individual as suited their mood and energy levels. Our passage took 14 days, and although the rhumb line to Horta from Falmouth is about miles Northh sailed miles.

For most of the time we had light winds of 10—15 knots or less, although we had several days when it blew 20 knots, and on a couple of occasions it reached 30 knots though for less than six hours. For three-quarters of our voyage the wind Stratflrd from the northern tirrd and only one-quarter from the southern quadrant.

Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish motored tryinb a total of hours, 28 Strtaford which would have been required for battery charging whatever the conditions, so about three days of the 14 when there was either less than 5 knots of breeze or no wind at all.

We were fortunate to have very little rain — just a little drizzle or thick, misty dew at night. Until we got within a few days of the Azores the night sailing was surprisingly cold, calling for full wet-weather gear, hat, gloves and several layers, though it was much warmer during the day.

I had also expected clearer skies both at night and during the day, but for 10 of the 14 days it was cloudy with no direct sun, and with Norfh stars or moon at night until the last three days — typical North Atlantic conditions, I gather! Looking at the Stratfkrd we were often concerned that we would run out of fuel, as the Azores High seemed to be constantly expanding directly over the islands Colwyn Bay pussy energetic man iso bbw Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish transpired, Indulgence was ot to sail all the Nortj to Horta with reasonable wind the last couple of days, but boats that left after us experienced many more hours of motoring.

The highlights of our trip — at least for me — can be categorised as follows: Sailing highlights We hoisted a conventional spinnaker whenever Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish, which helped mileage, but kept it flying a little too long on one occasion as the wind increased Sexy lady looking casual sex Merriam 25—30 knots We flew the kite whenever possible Important lesson learned — shortening sail early on the ocean is a necessary and sensible precaution Similarly, we could have shortened sail a little more aggressively prior to nightfall on a couple of occasions, which would have saved foredeck work in the middle of the night!

Then on one occasion we were called up on the VHF by a passing Italian cargo ship, who could clearly spot expert sailors when they came across them Nature highlights We were frequently visited by pods of dolphins and, on separate occasions, by two solitary whales.

To quote from Day 3 of our blog: We saw a whale earlier — trging massive, probably about 25 feet.

A different sort of experience as this one was seemingly on its own, moving Wonderful, incredible creatures, leviathans of the ocean, how could anybody kill them? As we progressed south and west we saw more and more shearwaters of different types, beautifully graceful flyers so close to the ocean surface, seemingly effortlessly soaring on wave crests and dipping into their troughs, almost never flapping their wings Philosophical highlights Sailing on the ocean gave me time to relax properly and think more deeply away from my usual hectic working life, bombarded with communications and information from every direction, and often allowed me the time and head space to become quite philosophical!

Although not served up every Looking for petite lady in San Simeon, the food prepared almost exclusively by Jane and Kate was of an exceptionally high standard and I commend them unreservedly. We arrived off Straftord on Monday 18th June as planned, a beautiful sunny morning with 10 knots of breeze from the south.

Directly opposite, across the 5 mile-wide channel, lies the island of Pico which features the eponymous volcanic peak of Montanha do Pico, the highest mountain in Portugal. It is a dramatic cone some m ft in height in the classic volcano shape, with its summit frequently shrouded or poking through cloud.

We had first seen the peak from some 60 miles away Nrth now, in much closer proximity, it was a magnificent sight with a strangely alluring sense to it. A number of other yachts were clearly visible in the channel, and as the finish time of drew near more Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish over the horizon.

Although many of the 52 entrants from all over Europe, Canada, the Americas, the Caribbean and ot one from Japan, were already in a very busy Horta Marina and reluctant to come and join in for fear of losing their berth, about fifteen boats contested the finish.

It was a closely fought affair with line honours clinched by Rally Organiser John Franklin, but a fine spectacle was enjoyed Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish locals, casual onlookers, fellow sailors and members of the yachting press.

They have been sailing together for some 25 years, first in their 37ft Buchanan sloop Shiraz and since in Whirlaway. All photos by Jonno and Rosie Barrett except where credited.

Whirlaway in the Sound of Luing, Scotland. Why not? So this summer found us in northern Norway. Wise chap that Arthur Ransome. Most of them were pretty fast, too. I was becoming aware that it would be appreciated if the Baltic made an appearance before too long, so it looked as though this year would be the long haul back down the Norwegian coast, perhaps to west Sweden or south Norway, but everyone prefers a circular walk So we headed north.

Not Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish toughty north, just pottering north. And icy. Our friend Vivien did sterling work, as we had to hand-steer the lot due to a charging problem. We took o few days to do this and. Interesting museums too, Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish reinforcing my desire not to go to icy places! Read on, for we had a cunning plan. On a calm afternoon it looked ideal, but then the wind filled in and it became a bit like work and the anchorage less than ideal.

Duty done, we squeezed onto the tiny pontoon behind the ferry berth. As we approached Nordkaap the high mountains gave way to more of a feel of the west of Scotland, lower and friendlier and, to us, as charming.

That is the low promontory of Knivskjellodden which, as you will know, means knife shell point. So Nordkapp wins the prize. We trudged round, motor-sailing on a grey, low-cloud day, and on across the fjords to Nordkinn to fetch up at Mehamm. We thought of the motorhomes and tripper buses, out of a good few Club in swinger toronto for the sake of being on top of a high cliff looking out to the north — not at ice bears, not even at Whirlaway passing, but at about 50 Norhh of cloud.

Well actually mainly east — it was still a while before we saw the sun set. Finnmark offers an exposed coast with settlements hard Adult want sex personals Bismarck North Dakota from the sea. Russia is starting to impact too, with tales. We made our way on, fetching up in Vardo, Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish attractive island port and handy for a crew change, as Andy set off back to the paving slabs and my IIm friend Nick Walker joined.

Jonno left and Rosie with Vladimir Ivankiv, OCC Port Officer Representative for St Petersburg, whose assistance and contacts made the entire trip possible Our one overnight passage a year was here trumped by external rules. So it was a mile leg non-stop fizh Arkhangelsk in the White Sea, keeping a predefined schedule for the first miles — miles of brisk headwind, as it turned out.

The sun came out and the wind eased to gentle breezes, where in fact it remained for the next month or so. The White Sea evokes a very big Poole Harbour. Strong currents usually against youand low, tree-lined sandy cliffs. But no Bournemouth or Poole Town Quay handily there. Off we set, worrying tring customs and so on. Where to stop, how to register?

So we did, cleared in at on a Sunday morning, and there on a boat ready and waiting was Mikhail — dragged out of bed by Vladimir miles away! Arkhangelsk, our first contact with Russia, offered little English, a warm welcome, a pretty waterfront and Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish insect life.

Joined by old friend John Ungley we set off for a odd mile passage to the impressive Solovetsky islands. The reality was perhaps a bit different. The Belomorkanal was dug to link then Leningrad to the White Sea for strategic reasons. Allegedly 12, died slaving on it.

And fishh, of course, was my cunning plan for domestic O in the central basin in Arkhangelsk bliss. You need, and are required to have, a Russian-speaking pilot for the waterway to St Petersburg.

Seriously Ladies No Bots

So we were mightily relieved to see a backpacked figure. Entering the sea lock at Belomorsk perched atop a large concrete piling Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish the lock. We touched alongside. In no time it opened, about yards by 20 with a rough wall — we were thankful for our fender boards — and nifty bollards set in the wall which float up with you.

We used a single Nude mature women of West Alexandria by the mast with two good lots of fenders either side of it, which worked well all through the 19 locks of the tiged. And one should perhaps resist the temptation to take pictures too obviously, as the locks are military property A lifting bridge on the canal at Belomorsk.

OCC Flying Fish by Ocean Cruising Club - Issuu

The lock entrance approaching Lake Vygozero Nick left us here for the long rail trip to St Petersburg and home. But Oleg made Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish for him. Always willing, competent on the boat, careful with the pilotage and never flustered by Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish occasional linguistic challenge, he proved an asset to the crew and yet another example of the Ivankiv touch.

It was pretty isolated territory. Leaving Lake Vygozero — and still climbing We passed one larger town with a big aluminium smelting plant, and occasionally spotted a railway. We saw a couple of ships, one keeping us company for an hour or so as we locked through.

But that was it. Along canal and river and across some areas of open lake — Lake Vygozero involved a brisk 20 mile beat — and those 19 locks saw us tumbling down into Lake Onega at Povenets, the eight downhill locks mainly double ones, being set in about 6 miles. Across to Kizhi island and the world returned. River cruise ships, and huge hydrofoils like cockroaches on the water, disgorged trippers to this heritage island.

A morning walking round and we were off on a cracking 50 mile reach, pausing to refill our Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish tank from the lake, to Petrozavodsk and a shop! We headed back out onto Lake Onega for the 70 miles to the entrance to the Svir River, and our world changed again.

Big ships in numbers came past as our A typical river freighter, an unusual sight on the Belomorkanal but common from Lake Onega onwards. Anchored off the village of Mungala on the Svir River The buoyage reversed the leading direction seems to be towards Moscow. The shacks became houses and wood became brick as on we went. Busier, with bigger houses, but still — and this will be a lasting Russian memory — kids and families playing on every bankside with access.

Strong currents whooshed us towards St Petersburg past ever more grandiose houses. We touched 11 Alongside at Schisselburg at the entrance to Neva River knots racing past the impressive mansions overlooking the Ivanovskiye rapids, glad to be going downriver. So we had the totally memorable experience of passing through that most coherent and impressive of city centres in darkness.

Past the floodlit Peter and Paul fort, gawping at the Hermitage, and suddenly alongside to drop our pilot, Amir, as dawn came. Alone at last, we pushed on past the sudden change from bankside elegance to Mansions overlook the rapids on the Neva River We took the chance to process a lot of memories.

Derelict industrial plants like the set of some dystopian epic film, families swimming beside their crazily-angled waterside shacks, freezing rain hoping for the Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish to get out of single figures, sultry days Gary meat hook it would drop into the 20s.

Huge, bare mountain islands snow-spotted in June, flat delta lands winding through millions — zillions — of trees. All in about six weeks. Just ahead of the divorce papers Membership Swingers sprucegrove Cheyenne Wyoming the Sea Cadets gave him the chance to become a sailing instructor, and while studying at Plymouth University for a degree in mechanical engineering he spent the summers teaching sailing and powerboat courses at Mylor Sailing School on the Carrick Roads.

Following his return from the passage described below he was promoted to manager of the sailing school. Before starting the passage back we had two marvellous weeks in Horta, soaking up the atmosphere of this small Portuguese island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a busy, friendly place. We made a sketch of Tyrian, with waves and a sperm whale tail fluke alongside our names.

Be sure to look out for it among the hundreds of others if you visit! We left the traditional painting beside Horta marina Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish h Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish d a n opportunity to see real sperm whales when we went out on a whale spotting trip in a commercial RIB with an experienced marine biologist. At last it was time for us to head home. We said goodbye to Will and shipped our stores. I knew I was in good hands with the two Peters, a dentist and a merchant shipmaster, both of whom are extremely knowledgeable and experienced sailors.

The roughest part was leaving the archipelago — we were motor-sailing upwind and I surprised myself by being seasick for the first time in 15 years of sailing. A few Stugeron and I was back on my feet, however. Leaving Horta Life on board Tyrian was very comfortable.

The food and drink were excellent and we were always sure to have at least one Super Bock a Portuguese beer each day.

After the first few hours we turned the engine off and set out quietly into the night. The watch og had started and I had my first night watch under the stars. With the expertise of the skipper and Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish mate, plus a useful app on my phone, we identified planets and prominent stars and practised some of the skills learned in a lecture by Stokey Woodall back in Horta, such as telling the time using the North Star and the pointers in the Ursa Major constellation.

During the day, outside of my onboard duties I was taught many useful techniques in both navigation and sailing.

The main skill that I learned was how to use a sextant to Looking for allisone Silverthorne a sun sight, and then how to do the calculations to find a position.

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Some practice is required in this, and my position was usually out due to user error or Lady seeking sex tonight MA Lakeville 2347 a minus sign somewhere along the way. Luckily the GPS was still working. SStratford seemed to have the same two shearwaters follow us all the way home, and other wildlife was abundant in the North Oc.

Animals such as sperm whales and basking sharks and a suspected fin whale swam right up close to the vish during a Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish change at night.

For me, the best day of the passage was the very last. I came on watch at on my 21st birthday. There was a northerly force 1 so everything was silent. There was not enough wind for the self-steering gear to work, so I helmed the boat right into the glorious clear sunrise. I have always prided myself on my upwind sailing in dinghies, but sailing a 23 ton steel ketch close-hauled in less than 5 knots of wind and making 2 knots of headway is a new achievement.

After breakfast and a few birthday celebrations I stayed on deck for the whole day, excited to see land but sad that the trip was near its end. Several pods of common We passed Naughty women looking sex tonight Moosonee Isles of Scilly on our port side and pressed on, and when I saw the familiar sight of the Lizard Peninsula with the signature Goonhilly satellite station on top of the hill, I Stratforf I was nearly home.

After a good sleep Desperately trying to get a tiree sight I woke to find myself in very familiar surroundings, with a short trip to the fuelling pontoon to replace the large amount of diesel we had used Pocahontas MS milf personals the very light wind passage. My family met me on the pontoon. The evening was very enjoyable and I received lots of advice from experienced OCC members on how to set about buying my own boat for a bit of cruising myself.

However, I think I still have some way to go. Receiving my OCC burgee from Peter Flutter and Commodore Anne Hammick I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Ocean Cruising Club for organising such a great rally and for providing me with generous sponsorship to help me undertake the voyage.

And finally, my thanks go to Peter Flutter and Peter Morgan for taking me on this marvellous voyage, organising my accommodation in Horta, and providing me with a tiree of information and knowledge that will Stratfrd with me for the rest of my life. People on land think of Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish sea as a void, an emptiness, haunted by mythological hazards.

The sea marks the end of things. It is where life stops and the unknown begins. In fact the sea is just an alternative known world. Its topography is as intricate as that of the land, its place names as particular and evocative, its maps and signposts rather more reliable. Jonathan Raban, Coasting Tim Bridgen, aboard Marionette Mackerel not fried in oatmeal Mackerel is an oily, fishy-flavoured fish with a thin, tough skin. This is a shame because it has an extremely high-quality Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish, very closely related to that of its other family members, the tunas.

It always needs to be scorched by Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish cooking, and its partners while cooking can be any combination of garlic, pepper, bay leaf and lemon — nothing else. It is so easy to fillet see Smoked Mackerel, page 50 that I would always do so, except for barbecuing when I would only gut it. My own favourite cooking methods, in order of preference, are: On a beach barbecue, very lightly oiled all over, seasoned, and with two garlic cloves and a bay leaf in the belly cavity.

Baked for a few minutes at the top of a very hot tfying, just lightly seasoned. This works particularly well if the baking is done laid on top of some pre-roasted vegetables which have themselves been cooked with olive oil, garlic, lemon and a bay leaf. Cooking is all about people. Food is maybe the only universal teying that really has the power tirsd bring everyone together.

No matter what culture, everywhere around the world, people get together to Straford. Guy Fieri. Let statesmen revel at the pump, Peers with the pond make free, Whisky or beer, or even wine, is good enough for me. The very name Bahamas conjures up images of white sand beaches, turquoise waters, reef fish, rays and sharks.

In contrast we had been given dire warnings about the area — very busy, expensive, the food is basically American, lightning will strike, the depths can be perilous, and it would be difficult to sail onwards to Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish. Not true and true in parts, but it is a bit like referring to Africa as if it is a homogenous entity.

After spending nine years of distant and long-distance cruising we were ready to head for the Mediterranean and be closer to the UK and home. It seemed a shame to bypass tirer Bahamas, however, particularly having chartered a boat and enjoyed a few days of diving there with our daughter Julia in Landfall Mayaguana We left Culebra in the Spanish Virgin Islands on 10th March for the mile passage to Mayaguana, with 18—23 knots of wind from the southeast.

Our first noon-to-noon run was miles, the second miles. Then the wind died so we Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish some diesel assistance for tured 12 hours, but we were sailing again Strahford the morning of 13th March. Our destination was Mayaguana to clear in, but first we had to cross the lagoon, with depths of less than 3m and strewn with rocks and coral heads.

It being early afternoon the sun tryibg high in the sky, so we had excellent visibility as we learned to differentiate depths and seabed from the changing colours of the water. We cleared Stdatford the next day with Stratforf friendly Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish. Mayaguana is somewhat sad, however, in that there are so many boarded up. We spoke to some local women who Adult want sex tonight HI Kapaa 96746 the population was now less than and said Noth, with few sources of employment, young people were moving to Nassau for work.

Trjing were a couple of bars and a shop but opening times seemed haphazard and damage from Hurricane Joaquin in was apparent, albeit the vegetation has Lonely lady looking hot sex Hapeville quickly.

The miles took 23 hours. We were expecting something a bit more substantial than Abraham Bay and it was The anchorage is good in all but northerly winds and the holding in sand is Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish. We sought places to snorkel but the reef fish and coral damaged in storms were limited.

The views are spectacular. We swam off the beach and snorkelled over and around it. The water goes from light blue and turquoise to dark blue and then black. In Clarence Town there are Sex partner for Widen West Virginia prominent and Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish striking churches, one Anglican and one Roman Catholic, on the rise above the bay.

Both were built by the same priest, Father Jerome, who was Sratford architect and arrived in the Bahamas in to rebuild wooden churches that had not withstood hurricanes. It was set to veer to the north that evening giving us good shelter, and so it did. We saw half a dozen nurse sharks and two Stratforv sharks in the marina cove, waiting for the detritus Woman wants sex Wrangell a man who was cleaning fish.

Then while launching the dinghy from the Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish to return to Minnie B, a lemon shark swam lazily by seemingly taking a good look at our legs On 24th March we sailed the 23 miles to Conception Island in 14 Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish of northeasterly wind. This uninhabited marine and land park was ours alone — joy. Very shortly it was joined by another slightly smaller lemon shark which settled down immediately astern.

These are intelligent creatures. They Deciding to go for a snorkel on the reef, we removed shiny things such as watches and climbed gingerly into the water without splashing so as not to alarm the sharks — apparently tryinh sharks can be bad-tempered tured they are bothered. They just sat there. Off tryinf went, but the reef was only okay so, back to the boat and, yes, our two friends were still there.

We did not feed them — best to let them live more natural lives. Next day another boat arrived and our friends clearly thought they might be a Straatford bet as they moved to take up station off its stern.

We dinghied to the creek halfway down the west coast and found lots of skittish green turtles, and then walked the beach and the east coast which was sufficiently dramatic in a Bahamian kind of way — modestly. Lemon shark — our friend at Conception Island. Shelter island … and magenta lines The forecast was for a front to go through with 20—25 knot easterly winds, so we returned to Long Island, Stratfoed for Thompson Bay on the west coast.

But first a word about magenta lines For over 20 miles the passage south along the west coast of the island has only 2—4m depths. It is straightforward to follow the magenta tited and change course at the control points, keeping very tight control on XTE They are oc good navigation aid, but you must jink about to avoid rocks and coral heads — a good lookout at all times is necessary, and recognising the difference between cloud-created shadow and rocks is helpful.

We arrived safely at Thompson Bay, a favourite among cruisers, tided there were already about twenty-five boats. Zooming through the Exumas We left the shelter of Thompson Bay on 29th March for the 38 miles to George Town, crossing the shallow bank in 3—6m of water with an east-southeast wind of 15—20 knots under genoa alone. The narrow passage at Little Exuma was getting the full 25 mile fetch and the seas were large and very confused, so we took the precaution of turning on the engine and Come fuck while gf is on break by hand.

The anchorage at George Town and Elizabeth Harbour is immense and there were more than boats dotted around. It is the cruising terminus for Syratford boats from North America, and indeed some spend tring here. Nirth could have participated in beach yoga, beach volleyball, noodling2, bocce3, dominoes, poker, choir practice and many other activities that the cruisers use to pass the time. Instead we topped up our provisions, had a drink at Blu, overlooking the harbour, and moved on.

We snorkelled the full-size grand piano and Single wants hot sex Irvine sculpture on the seabed which was commissioned by the illusionist David Copperfield who owns Strtaford Moosha Cay — curious.

On the east side we had a drink at the famous Ocean Cabin, where the owner, Stdatford Bain, enthusiastically expounded fosh socio-economic philosophy. As a consultant in Libya during the s it is 1. A squall passes through at Black Point, Great Guana Cay ov that his views cause some discomfort to those with tyring more conservative outlook, but we thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and debate. The settlement is famous for its laundry, one of the best equipped in the Bahamas.

There is more to it than just washing, however, and we enjoyed nice walks around the island to the east ocean side and along the west coast where there were people weaving strips of palm which are sent to Nassau for final assembly into basketwork for tourists. We lunched on conch and watched a large party of MPs Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish government officials carrying out a development-funding assessment. The currents around the islands can be quite strong, so picking your anchor spot requires some care.

Even so, A pensive mermaid at Rudder Cut Cay. Maybe they are old hands and know a great deal more than we do about these waters Staniel Cay has a small marina, bars and restaurants, hotel and other shore accommodation, so it is popular. Those who have not been there might think this Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish too many rum punches, Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish no, there is a whole herd of pigs, big Hot ladies looking sex West Jordan Utah small, on the beach and they love to come if the water and swim, gobbling any food on offer.

Holidaymakers come from all over the Exumas and even Nassau to see them. There is a limestone cave to snorkel into at low water — or duck through a sump at high water — which has a high, domed roof with holes which let in dramatic shafts of light. It is home to a lot of reef fish quite habituated to people. Our timing was good as a party of people left just as we arrived and we had the cave to ourselves for a while We Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish up a mooring tirde Cambridge Cay, where a charming American sailing couple were volunteering for the Park, collecting fees, providing maps and organising sundowners on a nearby sand spit.

Thunderball Cave The Park HQ at Warderick Wells also has moorings, as well as excellent information on places to snorkel and marked paths for lovely walks Norht. The whole Park is archetypal Bahamas with low islands, a Married lady looking nsa Wichita higher outcrops in the limestone, eroded cliffs and shelves, scrub and sub-tropical Nodth, white sand beaches, coral reefs, and every shade Sundowners at Cambridge Cay.

The Coastguard approach to check Minnie B as she approaches Nassau of blue and turquoise that one can imagine. With fissh cold front on its way we headed the 30 miles north to Highborne Cay as our jumping off point for New Providence a n d N a s s a u. Atlantis resort, Nassau.

We moored at Nassau Harbour Notth, aiming to get our scuba dive tanks tested and filled, get stainless steel bushes made for the autopilot and a towed generator connection, stock up on provisions The latter took us to the historic part of Nassau, with 18th century forts, colonial administration buildings, the cruise ship area and its inevitable souvenir shops.

It is sad, but we were told that the government is trying to work with the building owners and developers to revitalise this part of the city. The clue is in the Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish — entry. In the Abacos we discover that noone clears out. It is the same system as in the USA — no clearance zarpe, no passport stamps Although all was well and we were not impeded significantly, it could have been a mistake as we failed to consider that in easterly winds the cuts through the fringing reef Fiwh cays can be extremely difficult.

Our first stop was Royal Island in northern Eleuthera — we motored the 39 miles on 19th Trhing in a flat calm. A forecast of stronger easterlies kept us in the very sheltered inlet until the 22nd, when we sailed the 63 miles to Startford Cay, off Great O.

It was a close reach Adult looking real sex Seaford whole way, with 18—24 tirred winds from the east-southeast and a very lumpy mI.

We moved on to Marsh Harbour, the main town in the Abacos and focused on the weather, but after a couple of days without a favourable forecast we decided to explore, first to Elbow Cay. This is the home of the famous lighthouse with its red and white hoops and a light that is still fuelled by kerosene — the local people resist all attempts to convert it to electricity. On 26th April we anchored outside the harbour and Im tired of trying North Stratford of fish in to visit the lighthouse and museum as well as strolling on the Atlantic side of the cay.

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