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To gain insight into how hooking up may be connected to dating, Elliott and her co-authors, Julie Reid of the University of Southern Mississippi and Gretchen Webber of Middle Tennessee State University, presented scripted scenarios to college students, and asked them to explain the motivation for the characters in the scenarios.

In the first part of each scenario, a man and a Caarolina meet at a party for the first time and hook up. In the second part of each scenario, the same man and woman go on a date a week after hooking up — and the date ends in a kiss no sex.

In one scenario, the woman asks the man out on the date.

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In the other scenario, the man asks Hohsewives woman out. The students explained the first part of the scenario the hookup based largely on mutual desire and alcohol consumption which they assumed would be present at the party — despite no mention of alcohol in the scenario.

One Julixn finding here is that the students saw both the man and the woman as actively desiring sexual pleasure in the context of the hookup — and Housewivves that the hookup could be mutually desired and beneficial for the man and Housewives seeking casual sex Julian North Carolina woman.

The researchers were somewhat surprised by this response because women are often held to a different standard than men when it comes to sexual behavior, and had expected more students to disparage the woman in the scenario for having casual sex.

Girls looking for sex in Miami, very few of the responses negatively labeled the woman for hooking up.

When it came to explaining the sexless date, students often gave multiple possible rationales, with many saying that the main reason for both the man and the woman not having sex on the date was because they were both interested in a relationship and wanted to get to know the other person.

This challenges the stereotype that men are JJulian as interested in relationships as women, and shows that students view hookups as Housewives seeking casual sex Julian North Carolina possible pathway to relationships.

Dating has been around for a long time and still reflects many gender stereotypes. Even today, the researchers say their students describe a first date much like their grandparents might have: The researchers make clear that they do not view hooking up as a solution that levels the playing field for men and women.

This article could have done better job summing up the scenarios — unexpected information Sweet woman looking nsa Durham presented later in the article.

Housewives seeking casual sex Julian North Carolina I Am Wants Real Dating

From what I read here, it would seem that the conclusion that students view hookups as a pathway to relationships was set up for them — Housewives seeking casual sex Julian North Carolina ordered scenario was given. Logically, no other conclusion could be drawn from the scenario that: A girl who meets a guy at a party and becomes involved in a sexual situation could and most likely will be labeled as a slut or a whore.

Sadly this is how society thinks. I will not forgive or condemn based purely on gender.

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Society seems to think that guys, for whatever reason, do not have to exercise restraint, while seekong do. This is especially apparent in rape cases where victims are told what they should have done to avoid being victimized what to wear, etc. Males are viewed as wild animals that cannot control themselves.

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In comparison, male rape victims are usually laughed at and not taken seriously, as females are viewed as pure innocence. Never had to use it. But I agree, people need to stop being complacent in what is expected of them because of their gender.

Although it may be frowned upon, women, just like men, can have casual sex with not strings attached. Women though, face certain criticism for doing so. The simple hookup turns into a whole series of mind games that become complicated and unwanted by both sides.

The New Dating Game: New research sheds some light on just how complicated sex and dating are. However, other student explanations for the sexless date revealed stark gender differences.

Research and Innovation The Abstract Tags: View Comments 2 total responses. Leave a Response Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. All fields are required. Jaime — A girl who meets a guy at a party and becomes involved in a sexual situation could and most likely will be labeled as a slut or a whore.

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Could you expand on the last comment about mind games? Proving Ground.

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