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The art was much used by the early Christians, and. One thousand shingles laid four inches to the weather will cover ovorooe hundred square feet of surface, and; five pounds of shingle nails will fasten them on. Tie Cibilifation ber Wenfdibcit ift nod in bet Minbbeit. Nedfte erzeugen Freiheit, unb ftreipeit giebt Phon.

HatioNfllt Cr taifitian. Cine fotdie, bon ber Wcfammtbeit ber Car- penter ausgearbeitete Confutation folttc bann jebem Carpenter aiicrlunnt uub befolgt metben. Vouis, 'Wo.

Tic Biww phine leinen litt tcrfdncb in ber 'Jiationalitdl, tHeligiou tmb Weburt. Tie Crbe ift unfer gcmeiitiamcs itaterliinb. Voi-UMK I.

ST, I-OH8. Ot r club rates — 10 yearly aubscr I Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs, 84; 45 subscribers.

Evert union man should attend the meetings of his union; the Fhe at- tendance and negligence of members have been the downfall of many unions. When men realize that the union de- pends upon their attendance, then the first step to power has been taken. Let us be as attentive to our own Interests as the bosses are to theirs. At the risk of lie! Dunn Liness Co. From this re- port we learn there was a total of 1. For the corresponding period tye the year the failures were 1, and the lia- bilities , Iron molders and a few other trades kept up Freee Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs organiza- tions, anVtautfered less reductions of Beautiful ladies looking nsa Kailua1 Hawaii than those without such organiza- tions.

Carpenters loge now feel they can do without a union will yet curse the ignorance that kept them out of the organized ranks of their fellow workmen. Every union ought tobe represented by all means. Our Chicago brothers are making every preparation to give the delegate- a hearty reception. Through llie Influence of ewr brother whip. John R. Goodwin, ofthat cite, a suitable hall has been secured, rent free, and no pains will be spared to make uur convention a complete succesu.

The following letter explains the ar- rangements more fully ; Chicago, dune lit.

To the Provisional Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs The Trades Assembly donated the use of the hall free of charge for the convention. Quarters will be select- ed for the delegates free of all expense to them. Goodwin, Dearborn street, Chicago, They should also state what railroad they will take, Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs what time the train la expected to arrive in Chicago, then they can be tuet at the depot and conducted to quarters.

Fraternally yours, John P. Goodwin, A. Titos, limes. Isaac Porter, E. Danusn, J. Committee of Arrangemeuts. When you buy Union Label cigars you may be sure you are not buying cigars made by Chinese coolies, or by convicts, and that they are not from filthy tene- ment house factories.

Gould nates, can sit down and In a five minutes chat, fix a tax of g20U. Too true! The trials of the fl ft years of the war strained every labor organization. But as an illustration of what determination and union can do. It was slimly attended but weot to work with a will. Sylvis was elected president and ordered to devote six months to traveling and organizing unions.

He was to collect his expenses as be w ent along. Union No. The fron molders union of North America with Its local unions and Us Influence ramifying the whole trade Is a noble monument of that work.

Every union ought to take copies of this journal every month to distribute among non-union men particularly. We furnish copies for 82, or Find Marion g5. Who will Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs next? Send in your orders. The capitalists of Fall River, Mass. No man devoted more energy or talent Union center WI adult personals the labor movement than did Sever, and we were proud of a close personal acquaintance with him.

Several clUes are now organ- izing that never thought of doing so and everywhere the spirit of union has taken a firmer and deeper bold.

Organize car- penters and unite in the national union I A little effort on the part ot each union carpenter and we will be able lo enlarge this monthly the very next num- ber.

Lento union has elected men who have hod yeans of experience la organizing trades unless. JI NK. The American. VucAtnint ami other cap- ital!

The capitalists themselves keep young men from learning trades. At the end of four or live years If the boy remains at the trade he goes out Into the world an Incomjtetent work- man.

We hold that machinery to-day is doing more than anything else to destroy the apprentice system of the past. Work is turned out In n mere automatic manner, requiring only a certain degree of expert- ness to operate the machinery, and this is done mostly hy boys. Then it is put together by men, who are generally ex- pected to do nothing lmt one hi auch of work.

Capital In Us greed for wealth has -ub-dlvided every trade to get a greater degree of y xpert ness from eaeti man, jjwft'lie work may be done more rapidly. XT Thus In the earpenter trade we have, lint, various branches tu the planing mills, then we have framers, stair build, era and finishers, and the nuledlvision is likely to Increase.

From -everal cities comes the news that contractors and building bosses have agreed to hire no man who leaves one boss for another on account of wages.

In New Haven, Conn. We would like to know if men have no longer the right to go wherever they can get the most for Single mom needs help labor? Lor is baa taken the initiative in this movement for National Union, and will relinquish It only too gladly If thu trade desires any other city to undertake the work.

Tbk stair builders In many cities are organized ; and In some cities they are, getting lees wages than carpenters just because they are not organized.

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He lias i stepped over the magic line traced by a 1 selfish circle of the upper class. Stafford Mu rclile takes Mr. McGi irk. Ull N. Iflth street, St. Take nail art: By Fkkd. Evi- dences of Its presence have tge found in the ruins of pre- historic nations, and are abundant lo the remains of ancient Petra, Nltievab, Babylon, Etruria kove India.

The 'British museum contains many tools of pre-hlatorlc origin, and the square h not the less!

Boho whimsy Barrack Heights seeks same All unluu men are getting per tiny.

New Haven,! Kittle Hock. Kot tat I lle. H sruiiimiLU. William T, Comatork. Jos k Prf, Mo. We are a branch of the Amalgamated Labor Union a sort of trades assembly. Cchat should be a union of men here lhone your efforts will help us to build up. But there are hopes that many of the men will remain Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs to form the nucleus of a good organization.

Carpenter bosses here are organized and will not employ any man who has left another boss with a desire to get better wages.

Louts Huck. Washington, D. On priva e work 10 hours is a day's work; on government work there is a difference of time, some work 8 hours others 10 hours a day. Trade is fair, with supply of labor fully equal to demand. There are some carpentets out of work. Our membership numbers men ; the union is youne and thriving rapidly.

Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs

As cor- responding committee on behalf of our union, we will say we heartily concur with our St. Louis brothers, and pledge ourselves to use every endeavor to for- ward the work of a carpenters national organization. Edmondston, W. We would like to know what pro- gress Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs being made in forming a nation- al union, as we are for it.

Mav Associationafter some deliberation I was appointed a committee of one to correspond with you. Our union is in favor of a national convention and at that convention to adopt a con- stitution and form one great national union of the entire te. This is a ques- tion we have been agitating for Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs time. We are over strong and are getting new members at every meeting. Louis and every local union, in this movement for it is in the right direction.

John P. Buffalo, X. Forward the papers to my address. Buffalo union is progressing finely, and we are beginning to make our influ- ence felt. We Wives i fucked Berkeley Illinois now about members, and meet every Thursday evening at Broadway Hall. We have de- cided to tge our initiation fee from one dollar to two dollars after July 1st with fifteen cents as monthly dues. We like The Carpenter very much.

It is just what is needed to arouse me- chanics phine a sense of the duty they owe themselves and brother mechanics. We will support it, and also the movement for a national union. The Buffalo branch of Amalgamated Carpenters benefit society is increas- ing, and works in harmony with us for mutual protection and benefit. Union carpenters should be linew in attend- ance at their union meetings, for if they lkve no interest in them they cannot ex- pect outsiders to do pone.

Election of offi- cers of Buffalo Union takes place first meeting in July.

June 8. My spare time is not sufficient to permit me to become a reg- ular correspondent. Trade is pretty good, but there are so many coming here from abroad that the labor market is over- stocked with men. With best wishes for your success, D. Rhino, Chag Dist.

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Secretary Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners. Cincinnati, O. Our Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs builders union organized on April 5, and every journeyman in the city with the exception of six men, is a mem- ber.

Every shop is a union shop except two. On May 1, we notified our em- ployers that we would demand an advance of wages on May 30; when that date arrived we secured our demands without a strike, every boss but two complied without hesitation.

There h not as strong and well organized a union in the city as ours. We propose to form a club Hot asian at Quartzsite house bar every member of our union to take The Car- penter.

I am satisfied that if national union is organized and properly carried on and supported, that all Older Kingman slut unions will be benefitted thereby. It will be to the unions what unions are to individuals. It will give strength and confidence to the various unions in their struggle against capital.

During -trikes the men are often discouraged, and the strike frequently lost because members of the craft come from other cities and take the places of the strikers. This would he stopped, in a great measure, by the organization of a strong central union. We had very few interlopers, however, during our strike, tor the simple reason that we were not getting or asking as much as the men were re- ceiving in other places. The subject of a national union will he brought up at our next meeting.

Our strike, which began on the first Monday in April, was uniformly suc- cessful, the men receiving the wages— 82 50 per day Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs demanded by the union. We did not insist on making our terms with the employers through the commit- tees, and for that reason we shall proba- bly have to fight the battle over agaijn next spring.

We have a very strong organization at present, numbering about eight hundred men, with about one thousand carpenters in the city. All but three shops in the city are controlled by union men. During our strike I organized a union in Newport, which now has a member- ship of one hundred and fifty. It is run as a branch of Lonely horny wives in Revere, Massachusetts, 02151 union.

Chas- Marx is president and Frank Kleine secretary. I hope that we will soon have a strong union in our sister city of Covington. Fraternally yours. The Cincinnati union meets every Tuesday night at Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs Hall. John Swinton, Nkw York. Enclosed find one dollar to sustain it. Lemuel Noll, Kansas City, Mo. When the ex- ample is followed by other leading trades, then the organization of the working class as workers, not as politicians, will have some chance of success.

John Murray, Hoosick Falls, N. Evans, Huntsville, Mo. Carpenter work is very lively in this vicinity, but wages are very low for want of organization. Jesse W. Owens, Cincinnati, O. I will do all I can to get up a club for The Carpenter and our men will also fur; her the national organization. Applications for copies Pawtucket girls fuck local constitu- tions and for information how to organize local unions have been received from: Martin Zorn, Louisville, Ky.

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White- side, Indianapolis, Ind. Oldfield, Leaven- worth, Has. Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs applications Housewives wants real sex Miami springs Florida 33166 be at- tended to.

Joseph D. Weeks, special agent of United States census office; J. Nebon, Grinned, la. A verv, Vinita, Indian Territory; L. Felirenbacher, Ingraham, Harri- son, Westfield, McCov, Chillicothe, Mo. Traxlon, Nunda, N. Davis, Russell Hill, Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs. Several of phkne correspondents assure us they will secure clubs of subscribers and do all in their power to sustain The Carpenter. To one and all of these we return thanks. History teaches that mankind has ever sought protection in association.

Aside from the dictates of reason it is a prom- inent instinct of our nature to unite for safety. If merchants need their boards of trade, ministers their conferences and synods, political parties their clubs and regular organizations, Beitn dealers their exchanges, and railway managers their conventions, then we, as locomotive en- qhs, need our brotherhood for protec- tion, relief and mutual association.

Cheap labor is the root of tyranny; for when a large number of people be- come abjectly poor, they soon get too ignorant to understand their own rights. Then comes slavery, and slavery of the worst type. Is it not time that those who labor should be able to live with more of the comforts of life? Boring Glass. We here give a few extracts from the many flattering notices which have greeted us: We wish it every success.

Joseph Mo. Daily Advocate. McGuire, of St. Long live The Carpenter and its able editor. The Carpenter is a small, four-page sheet, but bright and readable. It is de- voted to the interests of the trade, and advocates the t l orough organization of the craft into a national llve.

The pub- lishers proposes to enlarge with the next issue if practicable. Louis Evening Chronicle. Daily Volkszeitung. McGuire of St. Its firs number is bright and breezy. The Carpenter should be in the hands of every carpenter who believes in organization of a national union of that trade. McGuire, ,ove fearless and unflinching champion of labor whom the street ear companies of St. We hail this new monthly as a sturdy recruit in the cause of labor, and wish it complete -uccess.

Every carpenter ought to subscribe for it. It is edited by P. We have known Mr. W wish it success, and recommend ever si. Labor Standard. The basta of representation Will be: By order Provisional Committee. Jl'NI, lwdl. Tiefelbr trill am 8. Dollar earh. Ge- lingt es aber mal einem Arbeiter fidj! Treppenbauer; 3.

Jinifd er; Need to suck some cock tonight. Atrir. Whd I. Number 8.

The object will be to organize a car- penters and joiners national union, Bejth irame a general constitution, and ar- range a plan of organization. All local unions of carpenters, stair- builders unions and planing mill hands unions, are cordially invited to send del- egates. Each delegate should have cre- dentials signed by the president and sec- retary of his union.

The phpne of representation will be: One delegate liness one hundred members or less, and one additional delegate for every additional hundred members or fractional part thereof. With ihis number The Carpen- ter sprouts into life as an eight- page paper.

The generous and warm support given us warrants this step. We desire to supply our readers with the full value of their subscriptions. We have been cramped for space and are lf able to publish thhe correspond- enccr'and also to give more space to our German brothers. Hearty as- sistance has come from the German carpenters, cnat it is consequently our duty inn let their Beiht be fully heard.

Every carpenter should now feel a pride in working for their own journal. Every line written comes from the heart and pen of those who feel the misery of their class. Every word and thought uttered is to stir the workers from their lethargy and awake them to the power of union. One of the Woman wants casual sex Artemus arguments advanced whhs defense of the Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs system is that when a capitalist puts his money into business, he risks it, and ought to be paid for that risk.

While we admit cap- italists have risks under the pres- ent competitive system, yet the workers have their risks of life and limb, of body and health. Are these risks not worthy of consider- ation as well as the risks of wealth and property? Think of Frree dan- gers of workmen in various em- ployments, think of the numbers who are injured daily in various avocations, think of Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs many are crippled and maimed, who are shattered in constitutions and broken down for life in the service of capital!

Many a time have we seen our fellow craftsmen fall from rickjtty scaffolds and dizzy heights, to be carried to their crowded ten- ements often more dead than alive.

Is this nothing? We hold that if capitalists have a right to payment for the risks of their money, then we demand proper recompense for the risks of human life. To get such recompense we must organize and amalgamate our forces. Then the risks of labor will be paid for, and not until then. Why should we not have a strin- gent lien law in every State? Workmen have a right to be pro- tected in their earnings.

The State should see that every provision is made for the welfare of her wealth producers. In their comfort is her prosperity, and when they are de- graded she must likewise suffer. Recognizing this principle, New York has been the foremost State in enacting lien laws. And after an Adult ready online dating Chicago Illinois of some years, the old lien law of New York is now to be amended so that the mechanic and laborer will have priority of claim over all other creditors or mortgagees.

Butin our humble opinion its effects will be to put building oper- ations on a sound financial basis. It will prevent the reckless system of money borrowing now indulged in by many bosses. There are too many one-horse concerns without capital, who aim to do a big busi- ness on credit, and figure so closely on work as to land in bankruptcy before the job is fairly completed.

Under this proposed law, dealers in building material and moneyed men will exercise more care as to who they deal with. But there is also Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs humane con- sideration in regard to this law. The worker who has nothing but his wages can not be put on a level with the man of money.

The latter can much easier wait than can the workman. We favor the New York law; and in the last Missouri Legislature we advocated the passage of an amend- ment to the lien law, containing that as well Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs other necessary changes.

When there is such a law bosses will be mighty sure to have the money wherewith to pay their workmen, for it will be too costly and dangerous for them, to act as many unscrupulous ones do now. But the secretaries of the unions have not fully reported. We ask the local unions to attend to this matter at once and send time and place of meetings for publication in our August number. Subscribers who fail to receive The Carpenter promptly will oblige us by sending postal stating the fact.

We have received letters from various local unions at remote points of the country, asking if proxies can be furnished to repre- sent them in the National Conven- tion. Most of these unions have weak treasuries and are struggling to organize the trade. They desire to be represented in the conven- tion and to have a voice in organ- izing the National Union. We want every local union to join the National Union. Unions wanting proxies will first decide on the measures they wish introduced in the convention, then prepare a a letter of instructions and send it along with credentials for the prox- ies.

Address Thos. Doran, 48 South Curtis street, Chicago, or to J. Goodwin, Dearborn street, Chicago, or to the editor of this journal. Leave a blank space for name of proxy to be filled out.

These proxies will act in some cases gratuitously. By this arrangement there can be no excuse for any local union not be- ing represented.

Arouse, and send delegates or proxies! McGuire as editor. Its object is the advancement and im- provement of this branch of trade, and Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs possible to inaugurate an International Union. It is filled with pungent and interesting arti- cles. Louis Union. The field is large and will bear tilling; may the fruits be rich and many. We wish our new contemporary God speed.

Special Notice. We have sent sample copies of The Carpenter to a large number of persons who have applied for them. We ask these parties to take notice that Ladies looking casual sex ME Patten 4765 will send The Carpenter by mail for 50 cents per year, postage free.

Gentlemen, please forward your subscriptions! We will discontinue the free list after this number. It is a common practice for some bosses to hire carpenters for out- door work, and after weeks of laboi in the hot 'sun, when the in-dooi work is to be Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs, they hire men at cheaper rates and let the others go.

We must remember suck bosses! M ith this number of The C. Hencefoi The Carpenter will be the Casual sex Dallas erty and organ of the Carpente National Union, and thus becon the property of all the local unioi Hot woman wants casual sex Tamworth many young men look w scorn upon a trade and regi manual labor as degrading.

Then young ni will discover a world of interest a trade. The only degradation manual labor comes from its s status of long hours and low wag and when the workers unite, tli the day of such degradation v speedily end. The Emigration Question. Gladstone is not alone Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs his idea that emigration is one remedy to Woman looking sex Aquilla Texas the condition of the Irish people.

I to save at least a thousand dollars ; will be gone. Last Saturday Stanford t Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs g in cftr. How often will such men have to be shown that it is not want The eight-hour law will not be of land that impoverishes Ireland? Last Saturday Stanford and Gage were walking aluiig Kearny street, and when they got. It is not emigration land ana money-holders.

Hot woman wants casual sex Halton Hills Truths. Instead of receiving for his labor c rewards of labor. I lieercd Mr. Gage sav if he could get into town exorbitant, me law coniines you. Chronic le. WiU th0aea - br?? If we miBS that a chance J ill-paid. Frank B. He gives a casej where the oliieers of the Pennsyl- vania had agreed with him to per- mit the passage of a certain ordin- ance.

He intimates very plainly that the greatest criminals were not put to the har, and that while the convic- tion of Kemble and the others was a very good thing in its way, it was a very small thing in comparison with what ought to have been dune, lie declares that he made, with the aid of skillful detectives, an inves- tigation of his own; that, indeed, he observed through such agents every step in the progress of such corruption; and as the result he ib able to slate that if every other convict in the penitentiary were selected until the number reached two hundred and fifty, This Ford needs his hole pounded would form a far deccnter body than the Pennsylvania legislature.

We looked through the Pennsylvania papers for some defense of their public authorities against this sweeping denunciation from so re- sponsible a source, but have found none. If what Mr. Gowen says is true, the situation there is even more deplorable than we had sup- posed.

The next week she is stripped naked and flogged to death in the public square ; no inquiry, no explanation, no trial, no pretest— one dead uniform si- lence, the law of the tyrant— where in the ground for any hope of peaceful change? Where the ful- crum upon which you can plant any possible lever? Machieevel's sorry picture of poor human nature would be fulsome flattery if men could keep still under oppression.

The propriety of Boycotting has not been called in question, except by those whoso oppression has made them the sufferers from it. Hence, to support his family independent- ly a man must labor days in the year, or two days per week, or three hours daily. A woman said to her husband: Since the other two cemetery.

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It is really a Christian method, appealing as it does to some of the finest feelings of humanity, that ws Bhould stand by brother in distress and oppression, and quietly rebuke the oppressers by — not slaying them or by violent assault, as has hith- erto been often the case, hut by gently and firmly resolving to have nothing to do with the offenders, either in trade or socially.

They touch not pitch leBt they Let me eat your pussy you host defiled; they touch not the oppressors with hands nor dollars lest defilement lovf the hands and encourage- 1 ment to further wrong doing follow in the way of the dollars in anticipation.

Green he is, of course, cheated out of it. Mine pigs tje mine hens come home mit de; e Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs where, and in America earn split, and todder day two of dem came home missing. Boycotting is I the corner.

How was I to know. Medern Slavery. Two negroes were put on the auction-block, much in the style of slavery days, at Lexington, Ky. A cattle auction- eer was the salesman, and the men were critically examined, with many pokes and pinches, just as slaves used to he. Twenty, twenty, twenty; anv advance on twenty? Go up and examine him, gentle- men. Look how sleek and fat he is. Look at his arms and legs. The other negro was younger and stronger. The sale was the first held under a new Kentucky tramp law.

JuBt as capital grows; Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs grows also pauperism; that mill- stone round the neck of civilization, the vaulting cruelty of our factory system, the squalor of our great cities, Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs the presence of deep poverty seated hard by the gates of enormous wealth. There are two great foundation stones in the industrial temple: And a third is like unto them that value in exchange is a determinate amount of human labor made over for an equivalent and determinate amount of human labor.

As an instance of what national organization will do we will take the Amalgamated Machinists and Engineers. The Amalgamated Carpenters had only members innow they have 17, Such a remarkable growth could never have come through local unions. Wrono can only exist until chal- lenged by right. Then I tell you what — here's five shillings and give me a clean cup. Zone operations include: Tables Tables. Loading article contents, please wait On this Page 3 Scroll Hot women to fuck hugo Frankewing Tennessee next page.

Line 0. Line 1. Road Boulia Yarra Win i. Line 2.

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I eau anangc to j. Ulai condition new t res registered appear U Church Street Bridge Win 7. Duco lacquer Throughout. Line 3. Sed n Hcie ia your chance. Line 4. D CARS. Line 5. Line 6. SOLD If not re. Line 7. Line 8. Line 9. Line Uns st. To da 3 0 Clock Mortgagee a. Ulla Woman seeking nsa Port Edwards new.

VILLA panelled. ERN Clo e Toorak. U that o er sou co Id see. TA condition min train 1 min tram stone s. IFIC1- C1 St g L H W SD garage, beautiful gardens, high. Collina St C AND CO. J Hogan Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs Son. Ideal PosDouble Road frontage, Kstenslve.

Owner, TJ. Must com. Tiled loggia v cl. The land.

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There ' are an "excellent cet? Requires mod. S, double garage, tennis-court, beau. Villa, very handy poa. Goldspring, Too. Win Carey Sutton, op. Ftn WS Pphone Nepean Rd - Beith. Coghill 79 Swin. Kilda St. Lumea Rd X. Ja Collins Street Cent '. Urr-nllv required Cits or Suburbs. Continued on Page 20 Scroll to previous page. Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs to next page.

C CITY. Little Collins st. Inst r I1 1ers 3. J' Self rontnincd 4 r, tiled bathroom Ita?. Itr J -M l"l Vlcliills Rut. Continued on Page 21 Scroll Fdee previous page. CO Prrctors for the Executors Horses and I Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs Sale starts at 9 o clock uycrs are recommended lo attend as owners.

Palm leaves kylln mask and loose ring handles helaht phoen. CABINET profusely inlaid with floril mar qlleterle of rare woods and satlnvvood band Inga the upper part ljnes lined fitted two shelves enclosed bj panelled clear glass door the undcrpart serpentine fronted v lth drawer and enclosed cupboard on tapered. SUITE upholstered in solid brown hide studded special!

BEDSTLADS in cedar with shaped hcid rails cirved with rennthus motifs In low relief lou faotralli y lth scroll posts cabriole lees willi acanthus carved knees claw nnd ball feel fitted with woven vire matlicsses. S1RLLT unies piiviouclj icdecmtd oi jntciest laid.

Iphs min seal 13th bnnjo elco lion pr Zelss glasses sll egl cse lbth Aelta cornera Ivodnl cimera s s Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs pin kltbig sn. Ledge and hall. Ssdney and Division ii Office Bega -?

Tend-rs tn cnicloyps endorsed with the name of the work should be lorw irded to the Com. Tenders in envelopes endorsed with the mme [ the ork should be Ion aided to the Common ealth Works Director Customs House Ssdnes o trndci necessarily accepted. Monday, 30th September. Undmlll ind tower. UvtiUitlon etc of CooLlnc.

Mil Suppl. Inventories ma. Tenders endorsed will be recel, ed by tht undersigned Bf for big Wisconsin cockkkkkkkk to 4 p m October 7th 1D4U for the p irchnsc olid removal ut. Tile attention of tenderers Is directed to th visions of Section A of the Local Gove Act rcspectlne preference to Australian piro e.

H,ld niny be pur. Full specification and de alls obtainable at the Co indi s office during oflce hours. West Narrabri of lineal f-ct of 6 Inch pipes and lineal fee of 4 inch pll together with special castings. Plans and specifications may be Inspected nt the oillccs of the Council Miltland Street Narra bri during ordinary office hours. I irs Vi Dal i. Spcclflca ton and conditions may be reen at tile ofllces of the Department of Main Roads at Ssdnev and Cien Innes and at this outee The specified dei orlt Is to accompanv each tender.

Speclflcatl ni", should be. Joinee Chambers Shire Clerk. Tenders are Invited Love in blackfen v. Tenderers are at liberty to tender tor anj one or more sections of the work in accordanrc with the Specification. Government Beautiful couple want adult dating Edison New Jersey respecting preference to Australian.

Subnrunn Tree Weekly Nev. Ililli lil cn. Ill be ice Ucd up till 4 p m chah. PI ins ind sprclflcitlnis ma. Attentloi Is drt. Tenders are In.

Quotation forms nnd further particulars In re sped of a b c d nnd e may be ob Inlnid from the Comptroller of Stores. Attention Is directed to the pro.

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Kippax St House 5 rooms kitchen nrvv". Telephone first Instance BB or write Bo? Bungalow gauige tennl court handy lo. Home 4 rooms iMkitelicn hot water bllnus CBiway sepuiate. Ti looms suit lurnlture lurdwaie cn. Crown sir el Hurls Paik. Uractlle Modem Semi 4 ns. LE -Dellghtiul brand new two sloies.

Compilsrs double. Thl, modern and Impressive Building offers exceptional opportunities to those Businesses or Professions desiring Free adult phone chat Ponoka establishment or c-cpunslon. Suites aie available from J10 square feet up wards on a most favourable rental basis. MAI New DP 11 xr Flats 2 bedro m3 lotlupe kit rhtn lovtl b tluooin hot watet rtliKerullun.

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Marshallville-GA adult dating online Is U-sii. I minute bus lo Wyn. ILA Y. Ityndv boat. In new i-onditlivn. Phone JC. He-asoniible lenta!. IM Pill St. Unfurnished 1 lal b iii un lum r willi flreplaec 1 bedr oms eli II t i nie! Well furnished Flat lane lounue 2 bcdiooms, balcony I lichen and dlultit, annexe Free Beith phone chat lines love in the Joiner of whs water.

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