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The reality is, we accept a lot more than just wedding dresses.  We accept special occasion dresses such as prom dresses, pageant dress and bridesmaid dresses.  We also accept sewing supplies and fabric.

We accept dresses all throughout the year by Dropping the dress of at one of our Dress Drop Events, Dropping the dress at one of our authorized Dress Drop locations or by mail.  

As you can imagine, wedding dresses take up A LOT of space!   So, when donating the dress we ask that you unpackage it from any special preserving boxes and remove all the crinoline from the underside of the dress.  Crinoline is the fluffy, sometimes scratchy material used to make the dresses more "poofy."  The crinoline is recyclable, so there wont be any waste.   Also, removing the crinoline will help in reducing the cost of shipping. 

One of the reasons we are unique from the other Angel Gown groups is because we catalog each and every wedding dress that we receive and keep track of every person responsible for making each Angel Gown.  This gives the family receiving the Angel Gown the opportunity to reach out and thank those who come together to make their Angel Gown. 

When you donate your gown, please take a moment to fill out this Dress Donation Form to the best of your ability and attach the form to your dress.  The bottom half of the form is yours to keep 

**We are not currently accepting wedding dresses**

Angel Gown Project