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Become A Volunteer

​There are 331 hospitals in California available for Labor & Delivery as well as 82 hospitals with Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU.)  Sadly, each of these hospitals have and average of 3 to 6 babies per month that wont make it home, creating a need for approximately 1,500 Angel Gowns per month.  

At one point, we had a great team of seamstresses, wedding dress dismantlers, pattern cutters and drivers who donated their time and energy to our very humbling cause...but sadly, life happens and we've lost a great deal of volunteers over the past couple years.  We are desperately seeking new volunteers. 

Below is our Volunteer Application.  If you have the slightest interest any form of volunteering, I urge you complete this form and email it back to us at: angelgownca@gmail.com 

Our plan is to keep a large inventory or Angel Gowns available to ship the second they are needed and to eventually start stocking hospitals again.  Its an exciting time of growth and giving at the Angel Gown Project of California and we are elated that you have decided to join us!

Angel Gown Project