Angel Gown Project

​​​​            ​​of california

Don & Allison Hampton

When I was a little girl, I used to watch my grandmother repair our clothes on her old green Kenmore sewing machine.  I'd watch her effortlessly move the fabric through the machine and beg her to let me try.  When I was old enough, she let me practice on scraps of fabric and I pretty much learned the basics of sewing.  

For Valentine's Day 2014, my husband Don bought me a sewing machine after hearing stories of all the wonderful times I had as a child with my Grandmother.  We were both surprised at how easy it was to pick back up and I was sewing dresses for myself in no time! 

In January of 2015 I saw a posting on FaceBook about a group of ladies who were taking old dresses and turning them into bereavement dresses for babies.  I was deeply moved by the idea and after inquiring about joining their efforts, it was suggested that I start a movement localized in Northern California. 

The Angel Gown Project of California was born grew like wildfire!  We started with a FaceBook Page and a few ads asking for wedding dresses.  The public outreach was huge and I had boxes stacked in my living room.  My husband and I quickly realized that we needed to reach out for more help and were thrilled when KCRA News - Sacramento wrote a story about the Angel Gown Project of California.  We couldn't believe the response!  Strangers from all over California wrote us letters, emails and sent us packages with wedding gowns and sewing materials.  

Because we are low in volunteers at the moment and we both have full time jobs that keep us busy, it's just not possible for us to travel to each and every hospital to keep them stocked.  So, we have shifted gears a little and have now have a large inventory of Angel Gowns ready to ship to a family in need, 100% free of charge! 

This organization is very close to our heart and we thank each and every person who has volunteered to help, donated a dress or supply and money to this cause.  We hope for continued support to help complete the endless circle of giving,

- Allison Hampton

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